LEGO Gift Finder

LEGO Gift Finder Personalization

Conversity’s IGS solutions discuss using personalized digital platforms to gain consumer purchase insights. LEGO developed a journey to help gift givers find toys for others, not just for personal purchases as most guided selling services do.

Innovating Consumer Solutions

As a provider of intelligent guided selling (IGS) SaaS solutions, Conversity was engaged to discuss how personalization on digital platforms could be leveraged to secure additional insight into the consumer purchase process. And while most guided selling journey services focus on helping consumers make purchases for themselves, the LEGO strategy was to develop a journey to help gift givers find toys for others.

Award-winning Tech

And while LEGO has been very happy with the deployment of the service, there have been others who have found the digital innovation interesting and relevant in today’s digital transformation of commerce. LEGO and Conversity won Ecommerce Awards 2020 ‘Best Use of Personalization’ in October 2020.

The Results

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Increase in “Buy Now” clicks month on month.

Converting More Visitors

Since the LEGO Gift Finder has gone live on the Toys "R" Us Canada website, they have experienced an 89% increase in "Buy Now" clicks month on month.



Converting More Visitors

Against strong competitors, LEGO and Conversity won 'Best Use of Personalization' at the Ecommerce Awards in October 2020 for the LEGO Gift Finder.

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Online conversion rate (OCR)

High Conversion Rates

14% of sessions engaging with the LEGO Gift Finder, led to a sale in February

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Alignment to Corporate Strategy

First half results for LEGO globally were very strong. The brand achieved the following results worldwide: