About Us

Why Us?

We enable brands to gain deep insight into consumer profiles and mindsets through real-time consumer interaction, data collection and analytics

Conversity’s north star is intimacy. We empower brands and retailers to build a more authentic connection with their customers.

We capture Consumer DNA@ — your Consumers Desires and Needs to understand who they really Are— all backed up by buying Actions. through our dynamic conversations and our advanced recommendation engine. We deploy our solutions in a plethora ot different ways — online, in-store, D2C, and Affiliate retailers.

We ask people about them – their lifestyle and their circumstance – and we collate this information into a holistic image of consumer behaviour. Imagine capturing all this data across a multitude of channels to understand what your consumer REALLY wants.

In a world of endless chatter, Conversity stands as a lighthouse. Guiding businesses to learn with intent, educate with heart, and convert every opportunity with integrity and purpose.

Conversity's Mission Statement

Everyone is Equal Here

At Conversity we celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We believe diversity drives innovation. To create a platform that truly serves everyone, we need a workforce that is representative of the vast and unique users we serve. Diversity connects us closer to our customers and communities. We are determined to have a workforce that offers equal opportunity to everyone regardless of religion, race, gender ethnicity or sexual preference. We hold ourselves accountable for running a diverse organisation and this endeavour means we are forever reviewing and monitoring our organisational diversity and that of our supply chain. We want every employee to feel valued and bring their full, authentic selves to work. We are Conversity and we are committed to equality for all.

Full Service SaaS Product

Deploy and Customize Quizzes Seamlessly with Our Standalone, User-Friendly Software Solution

Powerful Reporting

Powerful hierarchical reporting on user demographics and product popularity

Rapid Deployment

Rapidly deploy journeys to websites and stores across direct and affiliate channels using our advanced portal

Suite of Tools

Proprietary suite of advanced tools enables our specialist team to build and deploy journeys in hours

Understanding the Inner Workings of our Solution

Human conversations don’t follow a single flow. They dynamically shift to reflect the quirks of the humans involved, so do our journeys