E-commerce Hyper-Personalization Tool

Today’s websites are rows and rows of pics, specs, and pricing. Buyers get lost and then get lost. They need help. We’re here for you.

Conversity Connect is a Software-as-a-Service dynamic journey solution that is deployed on consumer brand websites to engage consumers to help them find the products and services that are just right for them.

The solution uncovers consumers’ mindset, interests, and budget to produce authentic recommendations using real time relevant business rules and algorithms.

Reach for More. Much More.

Are you ready to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging a hyper-personalized online solution? Connect helps brands uncover their customers’ DNA – Desires, Needs, Actions – through the use of dynamic journeys that provide unique shopping experiences for every visitor.

With a simple deployment process, you can understand who buys what and why while improving site engagement. Deliver the customer experience that is the talk of the industry with Conversity’s multi-award winning Connect solution.