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Conversity are intelligent guided selling experts. We enable businesses to simplify purchase journeys, helping customers navigate complex categories with personalised, needs based, recommendations.

With RIPPL, our intuitive IGS platform and consultancy, we can help you to increase, sales conversion, average order value, NPS and improve customer experience.

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Improve your operational efficiency

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Boost operational efficiency, increase sales and improve customer experience

Sophisticated algorithms personalise and simplify complex purchase journeys for customers — whether they engage with you online, in-store or over the phone. RIPPL makes it easy for you to provide personalised service to your customers, on any or all of your sales channels, at scale, upskilling your staff and empowering customers to make informed choices.

We designed RIPPL to be fast to deploy, fully configurable and to work smoothly with your existing IT systems, so you can optimise your customer journey without increasing the burden on your IT department. RIPPL makes it easy to create the omni-channel experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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Why choose RIPPL?

With the RIPPL platform, businesses are offered an innovative and proven solution that delivers immediate results across a number of KPIs, including increased conversions, average transactions values, cross-sell, and NPS scores.

Created by industry experts, RIPPL is delivered as a cloud-based service and is designed to work with existing IT infrastructures. There’s no need to replace legacy systems. With professional services to help with data enhancement, RIPPL is proven, quick to deploy and offers a fast time to market across the omnichannel.

Leading analysts recommend business leaders put IGS on their roadmap, and with the RIPPL platform, businesses are offered an innovative and proven solution that delivers immediate results. With RIPPL you also get access to continued innovation such as AI and voice for guided selling.

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About Conversity

Conversity has over 10 years’ experience in guided selling. That expertise has been used to continually improve RIPPL and make it a best-of-breed solution for retail, telecommunications and consumer brands looking to increase customer conversion and satisfaction across all their sales channels.

We have a track record of supporting large Enterprise customers. Professional services are delivered by our in-house team of experts. We provide collaborative consultancy that covers customer journey design, full project management; including data integration, data enhancements, and continuous improvement to test and refine customer journeys.

Only RIPPL is highly configurable to respond quickly to business change, offers a fast time to market with proven customer KPI improvement and ROI.

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