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RIPPL is the intelligent guided selling platform proven to increase employee engagement, sales conversion and customer satisfaction. Built by guided-selling experts, it simplifies complex purchase on any channel or across the omni channel. It’s modular, easy to integrate, and delivered as-a-service, so it will grow and adapt as your needs evolve with no capex or technology refresh to worry about.

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Conversity is here to help Retail, Telco & Consumer Brand Companies who supply complex products and services and who need to drive best practice digitised customer sales journeys across a single or multiple channels.

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RIPPL is the Intelligent guided selling platform that boosts operational efficiency, increases sales, and improves customer experience to make it a source of differentiation in the business.

It does all this by personalising and simplifying complex purchase journeys for customers — whether they engage with you online, in store or over the phone. Simply put, RIPPL makes it easy for you to provide personalised service to your customers, on any or all of your sales channels, at scale, upskilling your staff and empowering customers to make informed choices.

We designed RIPPL to be fully configurable and to work smoothly with your existing IT systems, so you can optimise your customer’s journey completely without increasing the burden on your IT department. RIPPL makes it easy to create the omni-channel experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Why choose us?

Conversity is made up of experts in guided selling, many of whom have been in the field for over 10 years. That expertise has been used to continually improve RIPPL and make it a best-of-breed solution for companies looking to increase customer conversion and satisfaction across all their sales channels.

We’re proud to be Ofcom accredited since 2011, ISO accredited since 2013, and to have won the UK Government TSB Innovative Award for solution innovation and roadmap in 2015. The same creativity and passion that drove us to those achievements is reflected in the service we provide our clients with.

And with the backing of investors The Capital Fund and Beringea, you can be assured that Conversity is here to stay, and will continue improving RIPPL, so your business can do more business.

About Conversity

Based in Fitzrovia, initially formed in 2003, Conversity helps retail, telecommunications and consumer brands to replace inconsistent, fragmented customer journeys with personalised and consistent journeys that drive conversion, retention, and customer satisfaction.

From initial work providing bespoke solutions for telcos, in 2014 we created the RIPPL platform to bring the benefits of guided selling to a wider audience.

Only RIPPL has 10 years of customer journey experience built in, is highly configurable to respond quickly to business change, offers a fast time to market with proven customer KPI improvement and ROI.

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