COVID-19 -

Ecommerce Success During Covid-19

As the Covid-19 crisis deepens, millions of overwhelmed customers are relying on online businesses to provide crucial support, guidance and products. Meeting and exceeding customers’ needs right now will singlehandedly account for the success or failure of many brands. Conversity’s Intelligent Guided Selling platform is the fastest way to implement simple, smart conversational search and deliver personalised recommendations for your customers online; encouraging confidence, building loyalty and trust and increasing conversion and engagement.

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    The problems your customers are facing online

    Uncertainty when shopping online

    Customers are busy and stressed and can no longer rely on browsing/assistance in store to make purchase decisions. They lack the confidence to buy

    Missing the human touch

    Guidance and support is more important than ever, customers want empathy built into their online experiences. They want simple, swift and easy to navigate online journeys, which deliver personalised results

    Increased urgency for information or items

    Customers require information and items quickly for short term consumption and expect to be able to find them with ease

    Added purchase consideration

    With less money to spend, customers are price sensitive and take longer to make purchase decisions

    Why Intelligent Guided Selling?

    Increase Loyalty and NPS

    Our IGS customer led experience rewards retailers with longer term loyalty and trust as well as enhanced NPS

    Increase Conversion

    Our customers are seeing up to 5X conversion levels after implementing the IGS platform

    Increase Basket size

    IGS customers are more open to up and cross selling, with our clients seeing over 35% increases in basket size

    Increase Engagement

    Our customers have seen 6X increase in engagement time when an IGS journey is used

    Invest now, gain lasting rewards

    There is a laser focus on how businesses and organisations are responding online to customers during the Coronavirus crisis. Winners will be those who initiate new, improved and innovative offerings which will give momentum both during and as we come out of COVID-19. We are here to support companies to act quickly to create easy, customer-focused journeys that have conversational search and empathy at their core. At Conversity we're in the business of making complex online journeys, simple, so whether you are looking to improve your current online presence or start from scratch we can quickly implement IGS that will fulfil your customers needs now and for the future.

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