The Big 5 Retail & Telco Trends

A fresh, no-nonsense retail, telco and brands report which identifies all the latest retail consumer needs as well the real key trends you need to know about and action when it comes to improving and measuring customer experience.

Written by leading retail customer experience consultant Sarah Cameron and intelligent guided selling platform provider, Conversity, this report identifies top tech enablers, examines how to inspire and empower teams, considers how to step into your shoppers’ psyche and directs you on how to embrace the new loyalty-less customer.

The Big Five

Find out how Conversity helps


Operational staff become more effective and efficient.


Sales increase conversion, cross-sell and up-sell.


IT staff keep pace with the demands of their business.

Customer service

Customer service personnel meet and exceed expectations.

Understand purchase journey, cross-sell & service mindsets

Our team are experts in guided selling – with 10 years of experience helping businesses give their customers streamlined buying journeys that directly drive conversions.

What sort of content can you expect to find in the report?

Tech enablers and the retail consumer experience
What’s next in retail and telco technology and how will it affect how consumers shop?

The Digital Shopper Meets the Human League
How to effectively merge the digital and physical.

The Big Easy
The psychology of shopping and why ease is the new competitive advantage.

Happy Natives
How to rewrite the employee rulebook for the millennial generation whilst improving the retail consumer experience.

Fickle Fans
How to embrace your loyalty-less customers using 5-star differentiators and exceptional personalisation.

Social Media
Learn to identify how do you measure customer experience within your business as well as how to create a SMART Revolution, not a 24-hour technological distraction.

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