Being Human Online

When it comes to shopping online, the biggest difficulty most retailers and brands face is trying to inject the personality, efficiency, and brilliance of their best offering in-store into the sphere of their digital channels to create an improved customer buying experience.

This brand new report from Conversity examines why ‘being human’ and considering customer mindset when looking at customer buying behaviour is the only sure-fire way to ensure growth and customer loyalty.


Find out how Conversity helps


Operational staff become more effective and efficient.


Sales increase conversion, cross-sell and up-sell.


IT staff keep pace with the demands of their business.

Customer service

Customer service personnel meet and exceed expectations.

Understand purchase journey, cross-sell & service mindsets

Our team are experts in guided selling – with 10 years of experience helping businesses give their customers streamlined buying journeys that directly drive conversions.

What's in this report?

Personalisation and real-time relevance
Customers are weary of the spiritless ‘search and filter’.

The importance of Mindset
How to respond to customer needs ‘in the moment’ to accelerate a buy decision and generate a being human online shopping strategy.

Ask me, listen to me, show me you know me
The Paradox of Choice is real and less really is more. How to present real-time relevant, personalised recommendations that resonate with customer mindset.

The best conversion enablement tools
Why older tools simply aren’t cutting it anymore, and what to do about it to enhance customer engagement factors.

Intelligent Guided Selling
What is it, how to utilise it and why it’s the number one tool for retailers and brands to provide outstanding online results.

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