Understanding Customer Motivations to Drive E-commerce Strategy with Life Extension Europe -

Understanding Customer Motivations to Drive E-commerce Strategy

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    What you will learn:

    How Life Extension Europe collects consumer insights data to form a deeper understanding of their customers

    The digital strategy steps they followed to drive compelling differentiation in the high-end supplements market

    How they are using Intelligent Guided Selling tech in their e-commerce ecosystem and how that links to their customer data platform

    How data analysis enables Life Extension Europe to create personalized campaigns that drive consumer engagement, increased lifetime value, and loyalty

    The e-commerce results they achieved, including a 15% online conversion rate, 54% reduction in customer acquisition cost

    Results Achieved

    2X increase in conversion

    15% online conversion – from personalized
    supplement recommendation to click to buy,
    doubling previous performance

    54% decrease in customer acquisition cost

    Customer acquisition cost (CAC) has reduced by 54%, due to Life Extension Europe’s improved understanding of their customer segments

    69% increase in engagement

    Increasingly high engagement with the Supplement Quiz – just one month after deployment, there was a 69% increase in customer usage of the tool

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