Transforming the Travel System Purchase Journey by Streamlining Safety, Speeding Up Sales and Personalising Recommendations

48% of shoppers take up to 28 days to decide what travel system to purchase and 89% of team members at UK retailers fail to provide relevant advice to parents and carers purchasing car seats.

Independent research from Which? suggests that retailers are in need of omnichannel systems that both reassure the customer and personalise their recommendations, ensuring consistent adherence to safety regulations and speeding up their decision making.

Only 11% of major retail team members asked shoppers the age, weight and height of their child, all of which are required to recommend the best matching products – Which?

Mystery shoppers posing as customers who wanted to upgrade a baby car seat for a 9kg nine-month-old baby visited 213 branches of high street chains and independent retailers, marking each salesperson with a “fail” if they did not ask all the key questions – which alongside the aforementioned criteria, included the type of vehicle, if the seat would be used in any other vehicles and if the car had ISOfix connectors or a top-tether point, as well as a demonstration of how it should be safely installed. Nine out of 10 shop visits failed to ask all key safety questions.

The Car Seat Conundrum – Developing a User Focussed Journey through IGS

So what should retailers do and what exactly does a great user journey look like for those shopping for travel systems and car seats? Retailers are reacting to industry expected practices in what is a crowded and complex product space by enlisting the help of Intelligent Guided Selling platforms such as that from Conversity. Developing specific user journeys that combine sources of customer and product data, together with real-time relevant intelligence, and configured business rules (in this case – the pertinent key questions) resulting in a personalised customer recommendation and simplified shopping experience.

Your customer is unique – your selling should be too

Parents and carers need confidence that they are making the right buying decisions and advice that’s personalised to their needs. Conversity’s Intelligent Guided Selling platform can help provide reassurance by:

  • Guiding parents through the complexities of overwhelming choice and technical specifications
  • Addressing concerns around the safety and quality of the products they are interested in
  • Ensuring their product choice fits with their lifestyle

Marketing Week published findings which suggested that parents may indeed have real challenges when it comes to choosing products and services, but what they are seeking is value and brands they can trust, so it is not about buying the cheapest option. 61% of respondents went on to say they would stay loyal to a brand they trusted, irrespective of price changes.

To find out how Conversity can help build your customer loyalty through considered purchase journeys, get in touch by emailing to set up a demo.