Three Consumer Profiles for Post COVID-19 Success -

Does your brand need to drive digital success?

COVID has changed everything.
Consumer expectations and changes in online consumer behaviour is shifting in real time. Three new consumer profiles have now emerged.

Download our report and get clear insights into new behaviours and what you as a brand can do to best respond.

Three Consumer Profiles for Post COVID-19 Success

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    “Over a quarter of respondents said the crisis would permanently change the way they shopped”

    -Retail Economics

    Understand the Sustainable & Socially Aware, the Value Add and Apprehensive consumer types AND learn how to optimize the purchase experience for them online.

    Having Conversity’s IGS tool in place has been incredibly powerful in helping us maintain those all-important connections with our customers. With the Skincare Advisor, we feel we’ve empowered our customers to browse, select and purchase products with the utmost confidence, while still retaining the human element of the experience that is so important to our business.

    Conversity is key to our personalised customer experience strategy. They have helped us create a friction free journey that has significantly increased NPS and engagement with potential customers.

    Thanks to the Conversity tool, we have greater insights into our customers’ behavior, which has given us an extra edge when it comes to launching new products, updating offers or maximizing cross-sell opportunities. This flexibility is integral to the way we operate, and Conversity has ticked all the boxes in this respect.

    Our aim was to guide consumers, to simplify their purchase decision. However, the level of data insights that enriches the digital audience preferences with Conversity's IGS tool is amazing.

    Helping brands personalize the e-commerce experience

    Increase Conversion

    Our customers see up to 5X conversion levels online

    Increased Basket Size

    Grow average order value by 3X through seamless upsell and cross-sell to cater to changing consumer behaviour

    Increase Engagement

    Our customers see a 6X increase in engagement time as a result of changing consumer behaviour.

    Real-time Buyer Insights

    Understand the mindset, shopping missions and changes in online consumer behaviour in real-time

    Dynamic online customer journeys

    We help customers navigate a journey that’s just for them. Streamlining their experience with personalized, needs-based recommendations. The result? Our platform empowers purchase decisions, drives conversion rates, average order value, and customer loyalty.

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