Three Consumer Profiles for Post COVID-19 Success - Conversity

Does your brand need to drive digital success?

COVID has changed everything.
Consumer expectations and behaviour are shifting in real time. Three new consumer profiles have now emerged.

Download our report and get clear insights into new behaviours and what you as a brand can do to best respond.

Three Consumer Profiles for Post COVID-19 Success
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“Over a quarter of respondents said the crisis would permanently change the way they shopped”

-Retail Economics

Understand the Sustainable & Socially Aware, the Value Add and Apprehensive consumer types AND learn how to optimize the purchase experience for them online.

Daithi O’Connor

An Intelligent Guided sales solution allows us to interact naturally with our customers and reassure them on their purchasing journey that we appreciate how individual their requirements are.

Daithi O’Connor

Daithi O’Connor Founder and Managing Director of Revive Active

Nick Thompson

The Phone Co-op Business to Business team are now able to personalise their response and solutions when responding to business connectivity requests. The customised lead capture solution was easily integrated and matches our brand guidelines, delivering a seamless client experience and genuine enquiries for sales purposes.

Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson CEO

Daithi O’Connor

Intelligent Guided Selling has been transformational; we have seen a huge increase in customer engagement online helping develop the customer relationship that is critical to our business.

Daithi O’Connor

Daithi O’Connor Founder and Managing Director of Revive Active

Jacci Marcus

Conversity understand our target customers, our ethics and our strategy for growth. Their guided selling platform will enable The Phone Co-op to develop better conversion journeys which drive sales and customer satisfaction hand in hand.

Jacci Marcus

Jacci Marcus Head of Residential Business

Helping brands personalize the e-commerce experience

Increase Conversion

Our customers see up to 5X conversion levels online

Increased Basket Size

Grow average order value by 3X through seamless upsell and cross-sell

Increase Engagement

Our customers see a 6X increase in engagement time

Real-time Buyer Insights

Understand the mindset, shopping missions and behavior of customers in real-time

Dynamic online customer journeys

We help customers navigate a journey that’s just for them. Streamlining their experience with personalized, needs-based recommendations. The result? Our platform empowers purchase decisions, drives conversion rates, average order value, and customer loyalty.

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