Digital Leadership: Maximising Opportunities for Retailers. Helping Green-thumbed Millennials Dig Out Best Product Recommendations During Covid-19 Isolation

gardening in covid 19

Covid-19, and its implications for staying indoors and self isolation, is impacting almost all businesses, as well as providing huge opportunities for retailers to adapt and remodel their online offering. Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, the passion for gardening in all its guises was increasing at pace, with research suggesting UK households collectively spent around £7.5billion on […]

Millennials and Gen Z starting to reshape telco services, finds study

high street

January brought extreme cold weather, snow, and leading retailer brands from across the globe and suppliers wanting to share their innovations to New York’s annual National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show and Expo event.

Our customer experience insider looked beyond the hype and technical jargon to highlight the trends and tech aiming to make a positive impact on customer experience. And we go further and share the challenges that are still to be addressed.

Avoid Digital Pigeonholing. Surprising Baby Boomer Statistics for Retailers & Brands – Retail Research

Generational tech

The digital conversation typically starts and ends with Millennials and Gen X. In fact, if you ask the (probably youngish) man on the street, the prediction would likely be that complex online shopping journeys and a responsive web presence is probably generated with these seemingly more tech-savvy generations in mind. But as the world continues to plug in, the rest of society is adapting and research is consistently telling us to rethink our opinions on the baby boomer generations when it comes to tech…