Consumer Psychology in Retail and Intelligent Guided Selling

Cheerful sales woman showing a design on tablet to mid adult couple looking for furniture at a home store

‘The Why behind The Buy’ If ‘The Why behind The Buy’ can be understood, brands and retailers can enhance their marketing strategy, improve their customer experience, and drive greater sales conversion. Consumer Psychology in retail describes the science behind the understanding of why people buy; the reasons they make the decisions they do and how […]

Winning Brands are Personalising their Customer Data Platforms

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In a hyper-competitive market, brands that understand their customers deeply are the proven winners. The question is – how do brands get to know their customers better? The first stage in understanding is through the unification of all customer data available throughout an organization’s many touchpoints. This fundamental need is one of the reasons for […]

Buyers and Brands Together; How Connectivity and Collaboration will Form the Store of the Future


In recent blog posts, we’ve looked at how digital disruption is impacting the way both retailers sell and customers shop in bricks n’ mortar retail stores. It’s disruption driven by technology. Specifically, how devices have changed the browsing and buying behaviour of audiences as well as how brands can better serve customers thanks to increased connectivity and data.

Today we’re going to look at two key areas of future retailing; connectivity and collaboration.

I’m a Customer – Get Me Outta Here

I'm a Consumer, Get Me Outta Here illustrated graphic

5 WAYS TO DRIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS INSANE, AND INTO THE HANDS OF THE COMPETITION The pressure is mounting for retailers to deliver increasingly outstanding and personalised customer service. Making plans now to make it easier, more enjoyable, and faster to buy from you is a pretty solid strategy. It has only one small flaw. Shoppers […]