Levelling Up Your Customer Lifetime Value

It is a well known fact that attracting new customers to a retail business costs considerably more than engaging and retaining current ones – on average it’s between five and twenty five times more expensive. While this range is considerable , even on the lower end of the spectrum it shows there is still a […]

How Retailers Can Engage Gen-Z with Interactive, In-Store Experiences

As the first truly digital natives Gen-Z, born between 1997 – 2012, are very different from the generations that came before them. While the world, and in particular retail, has so many new options and possibilities, the preferences and challenges faced by a shifting sales cycle has been felt acutely by many businesses across the […]

The distinction between customer needs and desires, and why it matters 

It might not exactly be “news” that a business seeking to make the right impact with its target audiences needs to place those target audiences – its would-be customers – front and centre in its priorities, if it is to achieve sustained custom, growth, and success.  However, there are still all too many organisations that […]

Why is now the time for your brand to invest in guided sales technology? 

The concept of guided sales is not, of course, a new one. It is what a sales associate practices in a brick-and-mortar store, in their interactions with a customer that are geared towards providing suggestions and guiding the consumer towards the product or service they may be most interested in buying (and which, crucially, will […]

How 2020 has changed consumer mindsets for the foreseeable future

Girl using her credit card for online shopping.

Consumers are first and foremost humans. Impacted by the world in which they live, the people around them, their personal situation and their psychological and emotional state. The global pandemic has created a sudden and unexpected change in how we live, work and shop, driving huge changes in behaviours and habits. Some of these behaviours […]

Consumer Psychology in Retail and Intelligent Guided Selling

Cheerful sales woman showing a design on tablet to mid adult couple looking for furniture at a home store

‘The Why behind The Buy’ If ‘The Why behind The Buy’ can be understood, brands and retailers can enhance their marketing strategy, improve their customer experience, and drive greater sales conversion. Consumer Psychology in retail describes the science behind the understanding of why people buy; the reasons they make the decisions they do and how […]

Supercharging Growth in the Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Market


According to a recent report from Grant Thornton identifying the latest trends to emerge from the growing Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS) Market, there is significant opportunity for businesses to focus on the purchase journey and personalisation to take full advantage of this shift in mainstream consumer behavior.