Omnichannel Futures, Not Just a Flash in the Proverbial Business Pan


HOW RETAILERS ARE USING OMNICHANNEL THINKING TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. Omnichannel is a becoming a real retail obsession. It’s on the mouths of managers, the headlines of industry media and being demanded by customers (even if they don’t realise it’s omnichannel they are demanding). Don’t be fooled into thinking this buzzword is just hype though. […]

Behavioural Technology and the Customer Connection in Retail

Behavioural Technology and the Customer Connection

Retail is a people business, again. Your staff will define your year. So we’re a month into 2016, and yet still the predictions for retail trends continues. Indeed, in particular I’ve been looking at a series of excellent articles on Forbes online around just that subject. There’s certainly plenty to get your teeth into. One that […]

Forget the Oscars – Conversity Crowns MVP Award Winners

Forget the Oscars – Conversity’s Crowns MVP Award Winners (That’s ‘Most Valued Person’ award to you and me)

(That’s ‘Most Valued Person’ award to you and me) Tuesday saw the entire Conversity team get together for an annual ‘kick start’ event. Once full on snacks and strong instant coffee, the team made a caffeine-fuelled journey; looking back at the success and challenges from 2015 and more importantly looking forward toward exciting plans in […]