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Mind the Gap: Overcoming the Consumer Spend and Productivity Squeeze

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Download this new research report investigating the shopping habits of 1,000 consumers from millennials through to generation X and baby boomers. By making sense of their varying behaviours when it comes to making complex purchases, the report gives retailers and brands key action points on what needs to be done to support these shoppers in making the right purchases, first time.

What sort of content can you expect to find in the report?

  • Understand how shoppers research complex purchases and behave across channels and what are the key differences?
  • The latest in customer satisfaction – just how happy are consumers with the level of support and assistance they receive?
  • The power of personalisation – why improving how you personalise the customer experience will make a huge difference to conversion
  • The power of technology – how tech will be instrumental in raising personalised service to a new level

Stay ahead of the game – download the Shopping, but Smarter research report now.

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