Shifting the E-commerce Paradigm – 3% vs 97% Thinking - On Demand Webinar -

Shifting the E-commerce Paradigm – 3% vs 97% Thinking

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    What you will learn:

    The current state of e-commerce and the challenges faced by all marketers

    What’s driving e-commerce growth, but not conversion rates?

    Three potential barriers and opportunities to success in the new environment

    Understanding the new definition of ‘product’ in e-commerce

    Conversion rate optimization – focusing on the 97% and not the 3%

    Skill sets needed to thrive in today’s e-commerce marketplace


    Vinny O'Brien

    Founder Vinny & Co
    Vinny helps brands grow global e-commerce omni-channel strategies. He provides operational, platform and marketing support to help his clients grow and scale internationally.

    Colin Lewis

    Strategic Marketer/ Marketing Week Columnist
    Colin Lewis has been CMO of some of the UK and Ireland's top brands and run e-commerce websites turning over €100m and is a columnist in Marketing Week magazine.

    Brad Christian

    Chief Customer Officer, Conversity
    Brad has over 25 years of retail experience, initially working in stores, providing products and services to retailers or consulting with brands to optimize their delivery of the best possible customer experience.

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