Conversity Charm -

Charm: In-Store Selling Solution

Conversity Charm is a Software-as-a-Service solution that is provisioned through sales advisors’ smart devices, either mobile phones or tablets, to ensure that everything that they need to consult a customer and ask for the sale is right at their fingertips. Charm leverages consumer psychology best practices and provides both the corporately-approved sales script and qualification steps as well as product, pricing, inventory, and promotional data to support and ensure in-store success.

Sales Optimization at Your Fingertips

Charm provides your sales team with a guided journey to help clarify customer’s need while also qualifying which of your products or services best fits them. The qualification component also facilitates a natural upsell conversation. Once the discovery and qualification element is completed, Charm progresses to a pricing matrix of all of the appropriate options available to a customer. Charm’s proprietary matrix approach allows the sales advisor to toggle between compatible configurations and pricing plans so each customer can see their options and make their final decision with confidence.

Conversity Charm helps in-store team members manage the entire sales process


Sales Discovery

Who is the customer and what are they looking for?


What is the best option based on what they need?


What other purchases can be facilitated based on stated needs?

Pricing Matrix

What plans and devices are appropriate and what do they cost?

Inventory (optional)

What is the inventory level for those items today?

Customer Data

Who bought, what did they buy, and how can we stay in touch?


What powerful insights can be learned from the results?

We provide a hyper-personalization solution

Our Software-as-a-Service solution, coupled with our team of customer experience experts who leverage consumer psychology best practices, drives tremendous increases in conversion rates as well as building strong brand loyalty in the process. Want to engage your customers in a more authentic way? Get in touch. We can help.

How Conversity Charm can benefit your in-store sales

Personalised experiences, every time

Our platform combines customer needs and mindset with your business rules to provide exactly the right product recommendation needed to convert sales

Upsell & Cross-sell

Sophisticated algorithms identify customer needs and make tailored product/service recommendations along with lucrative upsell and cross-sell options

Adaptable journeys

The platform works on both single product/service journeys as well as bundles and deals. Ensuring only the most relevant and best results, every time

Tablet Device

Case Study - the largest retailer in the world!

Charm can be deployed across any number of categories; anything where there are multiple inputs to be consulted before a purchase decision can be made. One such deployment is present in the largest retailer in the world. In this particular application, in-store mobile phone salespeople rely on Charm to understand plans and device options for four different mobile service carriers.