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Evoke trust through consistency

Establishing clarity and consistency around your brand messaging is crucial, especially with third party retailers. With IGS, you can be the brand that stands up and stands out against competitors by creating personalised experiences that lead customers back to you wherever they shop as a result of improved online brand engagement.

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Next-level personalisation is here

Online, instore, on the phone – your customers expect personalised experiences as part of the customer brand experience, but shopping behaviour should be understood in real-time too. This means knowing the customer’s mindset and motivations at that moment. This will help to gradually improve online brand engagement over time and ensure personalisation at every stage when building brand identity.

Proven results for consumer brands

Brands now more than ever need customers so loyal they act as advocates, recommending them on every channel, and improved customer brand experience can help you with this. IGS promotes brand engagement whilst building brand identity by simplifying the journey, reducing friction and increasing decision confidence.


Improved NPS scores

Getting customers to the right decision faster breeds satisfaction. We have a proven track record in boosting NPS scores.

Online, instore, on the phone

Consistency is king in branding, our platform is omni-channel and seamless whatever the touchpoint.

Best of breed UX/UI

Deploy with peace of mind that we have best of breed UX and UI covered.


Marketers need transparency with data that’s meaningful. Our platform lets them analyse trends.


Our algorithm is smarter; it combines personalisation with real-time relevance. Customers convert more based on historical behaviour.

Increase conversion

Streamline to conversion via customer understanding, boosting order values, and enticing recommendations.

We provide a hyper-personalization solution

Our Software-as-a-Service solution, coupled with our team of customer experience experts who leverage consumer psychology best practices, drives tremendous increases in conversion rates as well as building strong brand loyalty in the process. Want to engage your customers in a more authentic way? Get in touch. We can help.

How Intelligent Guided Selling helps the Brands industry

Intelligent Guided Selling

Personalised experiences, every time

Our platform combines customer needs and mindset with your business rules to provide exactly the right product recommendation needed to convert sales


Highly configurable

IGS effortlessly adapts customer journeys by tailoring specific questions and recognising pre-existing preferences

Upsell & Cross-sell

Sophisticated algorithms identify customer needs and make tailored product/service recommendations along with lucrative upsell and cross-sell options

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Adaptable journeys

The platform works on both single product/service journeys as well as bundles and deals. Ensuring only the most relevant and best results, every time