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When it comes to blowing your sales targets out of the water, there are two main strategies: improve conversion rates, and increase average transaction value (ATV).

But consumers are choosing to engage with your brand in new ways, and are becoming increasingly discerning. Unless you can provide a tailored service on new sales channels, you risk losing those opportunities to convert, cross-sell and upsell.
Enter the RIPPL™ platform from Conversity.

RIPPL customer benefits

On-line Conversion rate improved by x3

Up-sell: 19% increase in sale of higher value products

Doubled cross sell conversion rate

Supercharge your sales efforts

The RIPPL™ Intelligent guided selling platform from Conversity is designed to help you increase sales on any and all of your channels by providing a personal service that increases conversion and average order value.

RIPPL cleverly combines data from key sources of information to create the very best guided sales journey for your customers. By breaking complex purchases into simple steps based on needs, RIPPL can help customers arrive at the best product for them.

RIPPL modules enable product comparisons, and offer consumers relevant add-on purchases to improve cross-sell and upsell increasing average order size. As a result, you can provide winning service that not only improves conversion, but increases loyalty through exceptional experience.

See how the different modules of RIPPL can help you drive conversion, cross-sell and upsell.

Improve sales in store, online and in contact centres

RIPPL connects all your sales channels to help you provide a seamless experience for consumers.

RIPPL’s training modules empower your sales team to sell with confidence, driving conversion in retail stores and contact centres by improving staff productivity by up to 20%. With a more engaged team, conversion will increase — as will cross-selling and upselling — and customer experience will improve too.

With RIPPL, staff in your contact centres can provide customers with a more personal experience through co-browsing software. This not only makes your contact centre more efficient — it helps you maintain the relationship with customers both before and after the purchase, improving customer retention and thus market share.

RIPPL can also be implemented on your eCommerce store, guiding customers through the purchase journey on their own to further improve conversion. So no matter whether they come to you online, in store, or over the phone, RIPPL is ready to help you improve conversion and ATV rates.

See how RIPPL supports the omni-channel customer journey

Commercial Benefits RIPPL Guided Selling can bring

Increases sales conversion and average basket size /ATV

Enables cross sell and upsell

Increase retention rates

Reduce order leakage

Have drop-outs return to the sales journey

Increase lead generation

Quickly launch offers and products

Provide personalised next best action

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