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Analysis is integral to your role – understanding what makes customers tick (and ultimately buy) is critical when it comes to good e-commerce digital marketing. IGS has you covered, efficiently helping you learn more about consumer behaviour and reasons behind it, ensuring you hit those all-important sales targets.

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Be the experience that’s talked about

There’s no shortage of places your customer could be buying from. IGS gets you noticed with unrivalled streamlined experiences for you to shout about. Positive experiences drive loyalty - be the company that understands it's customer, and boosts conversion with effective digital marketing solutions.

Proven results for marketers

Sophisticated algorithms personalise recommendations based on customer needs in the moment, and make tailored product/service suggestions to match, helping you to improve your e-commerce digital marketing.

Average order values hike

Make the most out of every customer journey – providing the experience and advice customers are looking for in real-time as well as profitable add-ons all as part of our digital marketing platform.

Seamlessly done with efficiency

Don’t pour over analytics making endless tweaks and changes, let IGS do the hard work for you and optimise buying journeys for continuous improvement.

Customer satisfaction

Customers talk, louder than ever. Our platform has a proven track record of improving customer experience and NPS scores.

Benefits of using our platform


Drive KPIs

Providing journeys focused on cross-sell/upsell techniques and bundles as well as digital marketing solutions just right for them.

Customer insights

Enrich your campaign planning with knowledge of customer motivations using a digital marketing platform.

Improve NPS scores

Getting customers to the right decision faster breeds satisfaction. We have a proven track record in boosting NPS scores and improving overall e-commerce digital marketing.

Streamline to conversion

Better customer understanding boosts orders, turn browsers into buyers with relevant recommendations.


Our algorithm is smarter; it combines personalisation with real-time relevance to create a beneficial Digital marketing platform for your business. Customers convert more based on historical behaviour.

Device agnostic

Whatever the channel, your customer gets the ultimate experience, tailored with real-time relevance to their mindset in the moment.

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We specialize in enabling brands to understand their customers, both on-site and online, by deploying dynamic recommendation engine technology. Let’s build something great together.