RIPPL™ Platform

RIPPL is a digital commerce platform – available as an enterprise scalable SaaS solution to multiple environments – that enriches the relevance and value of customer engagements

Content and CMS

Create great moments in time
Conversity offers the choice of managing your own CMS or running it with us as a managed service. With both options, RIPPL permits instant publishing, pre-scheduled publishing for future events or pricing changes, and modification of content, providing:

  • Agility – amend marketing messages, product details, promotions or any other information to meet tactical opportunities.
  • Responsiveness – match or exceed competitor offers as you learn about them. No need to wait for the next sales cycle or marketing period.
  • Competitive advantage – You’ll never have to miss an opportunity or delay commercial activities in order to bring the sales team up to speed. Just make the change, hit the button and they’re ready to commit to the new action or learn from the new information.
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Guided Selling

Make the complex simple and get to better answers faster


The best practice principle of guided selling translates into guided buying when customers self-serve online. RIPPL improves online business performance by:

  • Untangling the complexities of choice in a choice – saturated market by offering easy-to-complete questionnaires which refine the selection as the process unfolds.
  • Enabling rapid updates to products and latest deals.
  • Facilitating high-quality leads to be captured for further marketing and affiliate programmes.
  • Making it easy for customers to make decisions.
  • Doubling conversion rates.

Make the change, hit the button and they’re ready to commit to the new action or learn from the new information.

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RIPPL’s versatile guided selling platform enables advisors to tailor the buying experience to each customer’s needs and ensure the selling process is optimised:

  • Leading customers through the journey, co-browsing with each interactive screen to create empathy and trust.
  • Recommending appropriate packages based on customer lifestyle or identified usage; reaching decisions faster and creating the perfect foundation for trusted cross-sell and upsell recommendations.
  • Finding products easier and offering wider comparisons across the rich landscape of choice.
  • Delivering key sales and marketing messages throughout the engagement process at appropriate moments in the customer journey.
  • Accessing customer CRM data and payment processes (EPOS).

In addition to the core platform, the structured roadmap for each component ensures that the platform capabilities can be extended via APIs, device options and journey enhancements.>

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Call Centre

The call centre plays a critical role in customer retention activities.
Guided selling for call centre advisors drives faster customer outcomes:

  • Lead customers through journeys that began in-store or online (the seamless omnichannel experience).
  • Compare devices or models, plans and packages across the market, including competitor offerings, and highlight differentiators.
  • Recommend appropriate packages based on customer lifestyle or usage.
  • E-mail comparisons and quotes to customer (via microsites).
  • Deliver key sales and marketing messages throughout the sale, including scripted compliance statements.
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Consistency, Clarity, Conversity

RIPPL is unique to every customer
Your business rules underpin every view and every page. They build the flow and dictate the content of the customer journey.

The business rules you establish, working with Conversity’s retail and user experience design consultants, drive the links and messages for cross-sell and upsell.

From any ‘in focus’ item, Conversity’s guided selling technology can branch to all other views dictated and created by principle customer choice areas – to as granular a level as you wish to take the process – such as colours, models, and packages.

Business rules can be applied to, amongst other things:

  • Item
  • Store
  • Deals
  • Accessories
  • Customer details

At any point in the journey, banners can be displayed drawing attention to offers or add-ons you wish to highlight.

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Expertise and Professional Services

Create your own RIPPL effect
Conversity are creators. Our expertise lies in helping our customers engage more successfully with their customers across any channel – delivering customer journeys that increase customer acquisition and retention.

We support every step of your customer journey:

  • Customer delight consultancy – multichannel solutions to drive increased customer conversion in the retail environment, at the call centre, and through online customer self-service portals.
  • User experience design and consultancy – from solution design, customisation, development and testing through to configuration, implementation and training.
  • Project management – from idea to solution to ongoing support and managed services.
  • Content management services – including data analysis; we can advise on agile content management and also offer the process as a managed service.
  • Business performance management – identifying best performers to continuously refine best practice.
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Retail Consultancy

Conversity helps you drive improved sales performance through enhanced customer service

  • Increase sales value by cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Reduce friction time.
  • Reduce decision paralysis

With every decision, there’s another decision to make
Augmenting the sale has always been the prime objective of good sales people. With choice and range proliferation – compounded by colours, add-ons, accessories, tariffs, plans, and commitments – making the right recommendations for customers can be hit or miss.
Conversity’s retail consultancy service gives you flexibility across thousands of choices, combined with the accuracy needed to get every recommendation right.

That’s how we help businesses create advocates through great engagements.

For all channels we can help you increase conversion rates, with proven increases of 15-33%, across acquisition and retention, depending on adoption levels.

With RIPPL in your hands and on your screen we can help you:

  • Increase in in-store traffic
  • Increase cross-sell, e.g. on accessories and add-ons
  • Improve margins from up-sell, i.e. higher specification device, contract duration
    or data allowance
  • Reduce in-store or call centre handling times
  • Gain better-quality lead generation (9% improvement) from captured customer details and microsite
  • Increase levels of first call resolution
  • Improve process compliance and audit capabilities
  • Improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
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Managed Services

Robust, reliable, safe, secure

RIPPL is a digital commerce platform provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Conversity hosts, maintains and continuously updates the RIPPL platform, from the operating system through to web services.

In a nutshell, it means you have nothing to worry about.

We provide full support for all aspects of tailoring and configuration and will work closely with you to configure the platform elements around your sales journeys.

Ongoing services

  • System back-up – ensuring your data is always safe.
  • Scalability – to ensure the platform responds to fluctuations in demand, promotional activity, seasonality and other factors affecting intense usage.
  • Business continuity – and disaster recovery services.
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Deployment & Training

Technology that motivates
Conversity provides in-depth training on the RIPPL platform not just so that your staff know how to use it, but so they get how it can transform their performance.

Getting it
To help introduce RIPPL to your teams and encourage enthusiastic adoption Conversity offers:

  • Online training
  • League tables.
  • “First time user experience” extended demo

We encourage staff to come out from behind the cash register and engage. We show them the power of empathy and prove that selling is not about shifting product, it’s about addressing customer needs.

RIPPL is about both CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and USER EXPERIENCE: it’s really easy to use, and “lightweight’” in every sense.
The better EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE creates the better employee.

With RIPPL™ you will have no member of staff who has access to anything less than the highest level of product knowledge, market knowledge, and best customer options your organisation has available.

Who wins?

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Sales Governance

RIPPL provides the biggest picture by ensuring an auditable trail of all actions

Regardless of the number of steps you require in your model sales process, RIPPL audits the trail of both sales and non-sales to create a valid basis of continuous sales improvement.

Customer advocates are made, not born.

We design the RIPPL platform around your business objectives. We build the customer journey that correlates to the stories you wish to tell in the way that strikes the highest note of empathy and recognition with your customers.

Raising standards of selling excellence

By aggregating the information across all your users RIPPL enables you to:

  • Identify trends – management reports give you full visibility of individual and location/region success against each itemised step in your sales process
  • Drive continuous improvement – the overview enables you to re-design the customer journey at any point in time if consistently weak points emerge in the process.
  • Motivate staff performance – the publication of best performers serves as a staff motivation tool by encouraging best practice and consistency in approach. It helps you demonstrate that model behaviours produce model results.
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Platform Configuration

We map the journey together Why wait? From the moment you make the decision to trial RIPPL we can deliver a pilot platform within a matter of weeks of deciding on the customer journey steps. Accelerate customer acquisition and retention. Delivered as a SaaS platform, Rippl is pre-configured on Conversity’s back-end systems.

Its specific functionality is then customised to meet your objectives, conform to the regulations that apply to your business and sector, and align your customer journeys to address customer behaviours, needs and choices within your product/services range. Conversity offers more than technology implementation. We are Customer Journey consultants with the insight and expertise to help you improve sales through increased customer acquisition and retention. We’re committed to the belief that technology only gets results if the people for whom it is designed greet it with enthusiasm and can use it with ease.

Staff adoption and intuitive interactions make the difference. RIPPL simply enables it. For this reason our user experience and customer journey design consultants work closely with your teams to reach the definitive solution – the customer journey that leads to greater sales success and greater customer loyalty.

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We help you achieve your goals – online, in-store, and call centre.

Conversity’s client support team shares many years’ experience of driving customer service excellence.

In addition to managed services for RIPPL platform operations, cloud hosting, and data management we provide end-to-end services, from concept and design through to implementation and training.

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Customer Success Services

When you deploy RIPPL as a managed service, we provide daily reports on platform utilisation and KPIs, accompanied by weekly data uploads. RIPPL provides the flexibility to design your sales processes around your business rules to speed up customer journeys and add value to the relationship. You can create your own leader boards to cover KPIs such as:

  • Acquisition: Measure how your transaction conversion rates increase. In the retail store Rippl produces a net increase in conversion of up to 20%.
  • Retention: The Rippl guided selling platform is proven to increase retention rates by up to 33% on existing retention rates.
  • Engagement time: How long does it take for store associates to glean essential customer information such as responses to the lifestyle questionnaire?
  • First call resolution: Increase first call resolution by enabling call centre agents to deal comprehensively with customer queries. They can send messages and microsite links while the call is in progress – resolving issues as they arise and increasing customer retention.
  • Compliance: The clear and logical documentation and scripting of business rules will ensure legal compliance and reduce mistakes.
  • Net Promoter Score: NPS always increases in a co-browsing environment, when store associate and customer follow the journey together. You’ll see customers become advocates before your very eyes. NPS is measured by the question: “How likely are you to recommend to a friend or colleague”.
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