RIPPL™ Platform

Ease is the name of the game and we’ve deliberately made sure that the RIPPL platform is incredibly simple for businesses to integrate and configure.

The platform’s Configuration ability means whatever your product or service, it’s effortless to configure and adapt journeys without the need for development. Using the integration module, RIPPL can integrate with any and all of your existing or legacy systems.

Individual RIPPL modules give you the opportunity to highly personalise your guided selling process for pre-sales, the sales moment and post sales – allowing you to scale up and scale down with extraordinary agility.

RIPPL allows your team access to innovation built from market insights, providing you with ongoing competitive advantage and a low demand on company IT resource. Due to the highly configuable nature of the platform and pre-built modules which are easy to configure, you are able to address changes quickly and cost effectively, without the need for IT team assistance.

This is cutting edge tech, minus the complication.

RIPPL Configurability

Agility, responsiveness, competitive advantage.

The very basis of intelligent guided selling is that it is responsive to the needs and nature of any given product or service. RIPPL effortlessly adapts to customer journeys by tailoring specific questions, recognising pre existing preferences and directing to the next, most appropriate step.

The result? Only the most relevant and best results, every time.

Configuration features:

  • Works on single product/service journeys but also bundles and deals
  • Creates and configures personalised user journeys’ to enhance customer experience
  • Journey’s configured to be Omnichannel; contact centre, online, mobile, via self-serve kiosks, face-to-face with a sales advisor in store

RIPPL™ Integration Ability

Businesses are made up of any number of systems and processes, so smart, successful integration is essential for adoption. RIPPL’s integration ability means communicating between all your current business solutions including payments, CRM, warehousing and POS is a piece of cake.

Offering safe and secure integration with payment providers and connecting centralised CRM engines, RIPPL makes business solutions truly omni-channel, working to become an integral part of the business ecosystem, slotting in harmoniously and eradicating the need to replace existing systems.

Conversity has developed a set of modules to help enhance the pre sales, sales moment and post sales function of every customer purchase journey.

Each module has been created to work across the Omni-channel and aims to capture and intelligently store customer details, assess lifestyle and recommend and compare products and re-engage dropouts.

Purchase journeys and results will be personalised for every customer – creating higher levels of customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer Details

Capture your customer contact and demographic information and store it within an up to date interaction record for consistent Omni-channel messaging. Enjoy instant integration of customer data to CRM at the moment of capture. Complete data adherence and maximum lead generation opportunities.

Lifestyle assessment

Capture customer needs via an engaging, user-friendly questionnaire style assessment about your customers’ lifestyle. Results are enriched by identifying how likely customers are to use specific products and services.

Personalised recommendations and tailored results enhance conversion, increase retention rates and levels of satisfaction.

Product Search

An intuitive search function for use by sales advisors or customers. RIPPL’s product search enables quick discovery around precise customer preferences or advises intelligent results based on current, trending or popular products or services.

Customers or sales advisors can search by brand, model or specific product or be guided by real time tracking and updates of the relative popularity of products and services. Switching dynamic, real-time ranking either on or off in turn changes the order of displayed products and services.

Product Filter

RIPPL’s product filter allows customers to view a wide range of products and services matching chosen preferences and criteria. Preference filters are based on data in your existing product files and new filters can easily be added through simple configuration. The filter enables customers to create a shortlist of relevant products or services, specific to their needs.

Product Compare

Customers can select and compare products and services side-by-side in a user-friendly display that makes complex product comparisons simple. Results are shown based on configurable key features. RIPPL’s product compare reduces search and sales time and increases probability of final purchase decision; with calls to action supporting the journey and helping customers move quickly through the sales pipeline.

360° Product Information

This module allows customers to view detailed information about a specific product or service, allowing businesses to create bespoke product or service pages which include video demos, customer ratings, reviews, technical spec and related products & services.

These 360° product or service pages avoid the need for customers to go elsewhere to find extra information and position businesses as trustworthy and transparent, encouraging a positive purchasing decision.

Pre Sales Microsite

The pre sales microsite is a unique way for businesses to retain and re-engage active customers, allowing them to re-enter the sales journey. Post interactions with your brand, customers are emailed a link to access their bespoke microsite. Highly configurable to include product/service information, reviews and direct calls to action to continue and complete a purchase in store, by phone or online, the pre sales microsite builds a perfect cross-channel experience and acts as a timely reminder to customers; proven to increase conversion rates.

Recent Views

RIPPL Recent Views keeps track of the products and services your customers’ have viewed during their journey. It quickly allows customers to revisit and review those previously viewed products, minimising customer frustration and streamlining the sales process.


The cross-sell/up-sell module ensures customers are offered appropriate related products and services at the right time in the purchase journey. It uses business rules, be they simple or multi-level and complex, easy to configure through you business backend. Leading to an extended brand ecosystem and proven sales revenue increase.

Pre Order

An often overlooked business opportunity, RIPPL’s Pre-Order module saves the sale when a product is out of stock or yet to be launched. Pre-Order allows businesses to take orders even when the stock runs out and locks in customers looking for items expected to have a high demand. This module Includes pre-order management and reporting.

Train While You Work

Allowing sales agents to complete training modules during quiet periods or downtime minimises the need to leave the shop floor for ‘class room’ style training. RIPPL provides a context sensitive help system and scenario based learning module to allow sales agents to ’learn by doing’. This saves precious time that is better spent selling and maximises sales agent availability, which enhances customer experience.

Product Highlighter

The best way for businesses to effectively highlight certain products/services or key features to customers. The Product highlighter draws attention to new or trending models, special price promotions or bundle deals on all applications – from instore tablets operated by sales agents to self serve kiosks and online. Contact centre associates also have access to the product highlights – allowing them to further inform customers.

Instore Printing

Often instore printing is off brand and clumsy. The RIPPL module enables sales agents to easily and quickly print in-store, from pre-configured packaging labels to physical copies of T&C’s, copies of product details or quotations to takeaway. The look and feel of the printed documents is independent so customers can choose the exact shape, size and format of the documents they require. It speeds up in store service and ensures every physical copy is on brand – acting as a point of reference for customers once they leave the store.

Sales Journey Governance

Businesses can control the entire configuration of a preferred multi-step sales journey using the Sales Journey Governance module. It easily enables businesses to configure triggers such as visiting a certain page, clicking certain buttons or remaining on a page for a minimum period of time. Cleverly, these triggers combine to confirm if any given step was completed and in turn provide a visual indicator to the sales agent on their progress.

Sales Journey Governance ensures compliance with the best-practice way of selling and Information ascertained can also be shared and followed up with sales agent training.

Post Sales Microsite

Something quite special, the Post Sales Microsite provides rich post-sales content delivered after customers have made a purchase. It provides customers with everything they need to enjoy, insure or seek help about their purchase, encouraging repeat business and inspiring on-going customer advocacy.

The content itself is highly configurable to include whatever information deemed important to the product or service. As well as acting as a digital receipt, the Post Sales Microsite can also be used as an opportunity to ask customers to leave reviews or to up sell complementary products or services.

Audit Compliance

Utilised in conjunction with the Sales Journey Governance module, Audit Compliance allows businesses to promote compliance by flagging incomplete or non-standard customer journeys. It provides a useful tool to prove compliance through the tracking of completed user journeys.

Customer Survey

Never underestimate the power of feedback. The RIPPL Customer Survey gauges customer satisfaction post-sale – supporting continuous business improvement, customer insight and NPS scores. Customers are given the option to complete the survey at the point of sale or after they have left the store via the Post-Sales Microsite.

RIPPL Advanced

For those retailers, Telco and brands truly dedicated to creating an exceptional customer experience, RIPPL offers three advanced modules to accelerate intelligent guided selling.

RIPPL Reveal

RIPPL Reveal allows real-time, mirrored on-screen engagement between the call-centre agent and the customer. It provides a much-needed alternative to copying large amount of texts into webchats or orating extensive scripted monologue during phone calls. Using RIPPL Reveal, call-centre agents are able to share an interactive online document via a URL. Customers can quickly scan and ‘accept’ electronically, drastically minimising time taken.

RIPPL Reveal is equally effective when taking customers through the sales journey. Customers or call-centre agents can click through the preferences reaching the right product or service. Technology agnostic, accessible through all modern web browsers across all devices.


RIPPL Reach automates communication between RIPPL and existing business solutions and refers to the integration ability of the platform. Its capability to seamlessly co-exist and collaborate with all existing proprietary or third-party software including payments, CRM, Warehousing and POS means full integration with no need to replace legacy programmes.

RIPPL™ Resonate

Test, test, test. For the best business results, user testing or A/B testing is essential. RIPPL Resonate empowers businesses to test a wide choice in user journeys and select the most effective. Allowing multiple variations of the same journey based on factors including screen designs, button colours, and calls to action, RIPPL Resonate has a proven track record of creating higher conversation rates.

Process Configuration Engine (PCE)

PCE is at the heart of what makes RIPPL so very configurable. It’s the inbuilt Business Process Modeling engine and is the backbone that links all other modules in a journey. Using the PCE, customer journeys can be changed quickly and simply, without the need for development.