Ride the wave of change in retail

Changing consumer behaviour means retailers are now in the market to sell great customer experiences, not just great products.

The need to differentiate and highly personalise customer journeys and create a frictionless experience across touch points that benefit both the customer and retail teams – without replacing existing systems – is essential to increase retail sales and better key KPIs.

Retail winners will look ahead at the broader trends influencing how customers will live, combining the convenience and ease of digital, with the enjoyment and energy of physical shopping to create an exceptional unified experience.

So how should retailers go about fixing inconsistent, fragmented customer journeys and guiding customers seamlessly through complex product choices in-store, online and via contact centres?

And how do you do it whilst increasing engagement, upping satisfaction and providing a best practice customer sales journey across a single channel or omnichannel for your retail business?

The answer lies in innovating in new ways to delight your customer. The answer lies with RIPPL.

RIPPL – Making omnichannel retail happen

Using Conversity’s RIPPL™ platform, best practice guided selling translates seamlessly into guided buying online, in store or via call centres. RIPPL increases conversion and average order value on any and all retailer channels by simplifying complex purchases and ineffectual customer journeys. RIPPL’s modules for stock availability functionality, enabling product comparisons and encouraging up sell, cross sell and repeat purchases are all hugely important for retailers and aid retailer performance.

Capturing needs and preferences is key and in a complex sale RIPPL gently prompts and guides customers through a logical sequence of decisions. Linked to ‘next best action’ it also surfaces offers or trending products in a timely and relevant fashion.

Highly configurable, RIPPL effortlessly adapts to customer journeys by tailoring specific questions, recognising pre existing preferences and directing to the next, most appropriate step. RIPPL ensures the most relevant product every time, minimising incorrect purchases and maximising satisfaction.

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Empowered staff, happy customers

RIPPL gives your customers a seamless experience across all your channels.

RIPPL has a proven track record of consistently improving employee engagement and performance. By integrating RIPPL, your sales associates will become product and customer service experts, increasing in-store productivity by up to 20%.

Equipped with the clever technology they are accustomed to, associates are empowered by best practice selling whilst the RIPPL intelligent guided selling and service model helps deliver consistency, speed of induction and training.

And of course, with retail customer service consistent across every channel, you can deliver on the promise of omnichannel retail to increase retail sales, average order size, cross-sell and up-sell.

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