Personalizing The Online Experience -

Personalizing The Online Experience

We were joined by our clients and pet healthcare experts The Pharm Pet Co on our latest webinar; "Personalizing The Online Experience". Together, we discussed online personalization, the importance of educating shoppers and how to get a 9.5X increase in conversion rates.

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    The Challenges That The Pharm Pet Co Faced:

    Confused Customers

    Petcare is a very complex industry and one built on in-person experiences where pet owners regularly speak face-to-face with experts. But how do you provide shoppers with the confidence to complete a purchase in an online environment?

    Personalizing At Scale

    The Pharm Pet Co has gained a reputation for personalization through initiatives such as providing an option for customers to talk to named pharmacists about their pets. The question is how do you provide this level of service at scale for a growing customer base?

    Create Customer Autonomy

    Although providing the option to speak to a named pharmacist provides a truly personalized experience, it isn't suitable or needed for every pet issue. But how do you replicate this experience in an autonomous manner without losing shopper confidence?

    Find Out How The Pharm Pet Co:

    Secured a 38% Conversion Rate

    Visitors using the started the Worming Treatment Journey have a 38% conversion rate, 9.5X higher than the rest of the site!

    Achieved a 68% Engagement Rate

    Over two thirds of customers that begin the Worming Treatment Journey go on to view their recommendations, showing a real interest in learning more

    Improved search and domain rankings

    The educational benefits for consumers have resulted in improved search and domain ranking for The Pharm Pet Co and have made them an expert destination for consumer advice

    What Powered Those Results? Conversity Connect

    Conversity Connect is a software-as-a-service offering that embeds dynamic question sets to engage website visitors to help understand who they are and what their motivations are for that particular visit. As the consumer is answering the questions, sophisticated machine learning deploys recommendation logic that either prioritizes or eliminates items from the list of products or services. With a clear understanding of a consumer’s mindset, goals, objectives, budget, Connect then provides a recommendation tailored specifically to that individual and how they responded to the customer journey.