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Are you working on the latest, coolest tech to enable Retailers, Telcos and Brands? Or maybe you are a consultant advising Retailers, Telcos & brands to increase sales, drive operational efficiency? Or perhaps you have a complimentary solution to us?

We are always looking to work in collaboration with synergistic and like minded companies – get in touch if you think there is an opportunity.

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Inside Ops

InsideOps was formed in 2012 to provide retail consulting services. Julian Niblett is the Managing Director and has worked with world class companies for 20 years. He spent 7 years transforming the store operation at Boots as their Head of Operations Development. After setting up InsideOps, he has worked with many household retailers to develop strategies to improve their operation and service and is recognised as a leading retail, change and business improvement consultant.

Rethink Productivity

Created in 2011, ReThink is the brainchild of Simon and Sue Hedaux who together have over 50 years cumulative retail experience working with some of the largest brands in the country, such as Vodafone, Boots and Costa Coffee helping them understand and drive productivity

From implementing new workload budgets to improving staff scheduling, to changing workplace culture, ReThink has been there and done that and can utilise their unprecedented wealth of knowledge to help any business understand what’s working, what isn’t and more importantly where they can save time and money providing detailed insight into the productivity and efficiency of their business.

ReThink intrinsically understand every facet of running a business from the bottom-up.

Dev Clever

Dev Clever is a team of innovation experts providing digital solutions for some of the largest brands in the world. Founder and Managing Director Chris Jeffries typifies ingenuity; his work in digital architecture predates the onset of Dev Clever in July 2008, with mobile and networking products, app development and marketing services amongst his most distinguished achievements.

The Dev Clever team is discovering the art of the possible. Developing interactive, quirky and memorable digital consumer platforms, we continually surpass the ever-diversifying demands of your consumers. Our innovational ideas are malleable, and we are recognised for delivering ‘Market Leading Digital Platforms’ for our customers and partners.

Combining endless imagination with technical expertise, the team applies knowledge in user habits, customer expectation and device capabilities to bring captivating visions to life.