Show me how Conversity can help Operations do more with less

Increasing consumer demands for personal and expert service, growing cost pressures, and a highly competitive market are all realities for many Operations personnel like you. To succeed, you need to find ways to reduce costs while providing frictionless service to customers.

But how do you achieve that, when your associates all need to be trained — and existing IT systems designed to support them aren’t able to keep up with the pace of change? 

Enter the RIPPL™ platform from Conversity.

“The solution generated a 20% productivity improvement in the stores that have committed to using it. The take out I get from this, is that where we can give customers insights and transparency we get their trust and their business.”

Director, Telecoms Reseller

A powerful platform to improve operational efficiency

RIPPL is an Intelligent guided selling and service platform that helps associates to quickly guide consumers to the right product for them, while also identifying opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. As a result, throughput increases, and your associates are able to provide consumers with personalised, frictionless service — on any or all of your sales channels.

Training modules in RIPPL ensure that you can upskill new and existing associates on the go, reducing training costs. With skilled and engaged employees, productivity will increase, further improving operational efficiency. RIPPL also empowers your colleagues to be better salespeople which in turn delights your customers with the great personalized experience they want.

We’ve made RIPPL simple to integrate alongside your existing IT systems, so you can start small or roll it out across all your channels. It’s also designed to be quick to adapt to new promotions, product lines, and other changes in the business, so you can continue to improve service while reducing costs even as the market evolves.

Operational Benefits RIPPL Guided selling can bring

Reduce average handling time

Improve transaction speed – get customers to what they need faster

Quicker time to market

Ability to meet business change and adaptability

Meet Regulatory compliance

Improve Reporting & control

Improve colleague onboarding speed

Improve colleague productivity and engagement, enhancing their knowledge and expertise

Reduce retail training costs

Omni-channel ready – allow customers to move seamlessly between channels– Retail, Online, Call-centre

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