Omnichannel – integrating the digital & traditional for optimal customer experience


The rise of digital is undisputed, but stores are here to stay, with shoppers loving the energy and social interaction of our nation’s favourite past time. The physical and digital are under increasing pressure to merge.

Accessible using mobile, tablets or instore kiosks, RIPPL’s versatile guided selling platform personalises and tailors each purchase journey for every customer who steps inside your physical store.

Instore, RIPPL will:

Lead customers through the purchase journey, with interactive screens building empathy and trust

Recommend appropriate packages or bundles based on customer lifestyle assessment or previous CRM/loyalty

Reach decisions faster and create a foundation for trusted cross-sell and up-sell recommendations

Discover suitable products quickly and display an easy to digest wide set of comparisons

Deliver key brand sales and marketing messages throughout the engagement process

Securely access customer CRM data and payment processes (EPOS)p-sell recommendations

Work to share preferences across the omni-channel. RIPPL’s Pre and Post Sales Microsite allows customers to re-enter the sales journey digitally or explore key criteria about their purchases once they have left the store

Add benefit to store employees through governance and compliance


Best practice guided selling translates seamlessly into guided buying when customers self-serve online.

When implemented well, it is perhaps one of the most successful of all. Using RIPPL, business will create a frictionless customer journey online – leveraging the business performance.

Online, RIPPL will:

Untangle the complexities of choice in a choice in a saturated market

Offer easy-to-complete lifestyle questionnaires that will refine customer selections as the process unfolds

Enable rapid updates to products and latest deals – including trending products and services

Facilitate high-quality leads to be captured for further marketing and affiliate programmes

Make discovering products and comparing them side-by-side easy for customers

Double conversion rates

Facilitate unity between instore and call-centre with online using of the RIPPL Pre and Post Sales microsite to give customers ‘unified commerce’ and allow them to re enter the purchase journey or learn about the features of their new product

Allow businesses to optimise multiple variations of the same journey using A/B testing based on factors including screen designs, button colours, and calls to action using RIPPL Resonate

Call Centre

Sometimes there is nothing better for a customer that picking up the phone to get answers to your questions directly.

But extensive handling times can be detrimental to business bottom lines, and call centre’s can be inadequately linked to other business channels, including online and in store. With co-browsing capabilities (RIPPL™Reveal) and a focus on best practice selling compliance, RIPPL works to minimise friction across online, instore and call centre, providing alternatives and solutions unifying the omni-channel.

For call centres, RIPPL will:

Offering alternative channels for customer interaction​

Moving from call to online by offering customised end-to-end journeys​

Enable rapid updates to products and latest deals – including trending products and services

Increasing QA/Compliance scores by:​

Adding only relevant regulatory content to customised journeys​

Allowing co-browsing regulatory statements to be shared electronically in real-time​

Capturing key journey data and using it to assess quality of engagement​

RIPPL will increase NPS scores by:​​

Allowing customers to visualise of their sales journeys in real-time​​

Reducing the amount of time customers have to be on a call/live chat

Allowing regulatory statements to be covered online​

RIPPL will improve sales/retention rates by:

Removing subjectivity of conversations with associates with pre-determined guided journeys​​​

Improving agent performance by capturing and comparing data about agent actions and their sales/retentions rates​​​

Providing competitive market information at relevant point of the journey​

RIPPL will support continuous business improvement by:​

Comparing recommend v’s actual journeys and their outcomes

Rapidly implementing journey improvements through advanced configuration

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