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As the way consumers interact with your business changes rapidly — and your business responds in parallel — demand for IT transformation from various departments grows.

Your retail stores, contact centres, and your online presence all need systems that deliver a consistent, seamless and personalised experience for consumers. Those systems need to integrate with your POS, CRM, and other existing IT systems, and work across all your sales channels.

An in-house or off-the shelf omni-channel IT solution is one option. But how will it adapt to new sales channels, promotions and products? And how much of your existing IT infrastructure will you need to replace as part of the deployment?

You need a way to meet the demands of the rest of the business that’s flexible and powerful — but which doesn’t overload your team.

Save 80% in infrastructure costs by keeping legacy systems while enabling omni-channel capability

An omni-channel IT solution that ticks all the boxes

The RIPPL™ platform from Conversity is a powerful tool for enhancing the customer’s experience across any or all of your sales channels, and for increasing revenue. But most importantly, it’s designed to work in concert with your existing IT systems, so you can implement it with minimal fuss.

RIPPL is quick and easy to configure and to integrate with, so you can respond to business demand for new promotions, journeys or channels in hours — without putting other projects on hold. We deliver RIPPL as a cloud-based service, speeding up deployment and helping you save on infrastructure costs — in some cases by as much as 80%.

A solution as reliable as the rest of your department

Conversity is ISO 27001 accredited, giving you peace of mind that we have robust processes to assess and prevent any risks to your data security. And we operate in line with stringent SLAs, so you can be assured of continued uptime and high performance.

In essence, RIPPL enables you to deliver IT transformation to meet business demand without overloading your IT team.

IT Benefits RIPPL Guided selling can bring

Add guided selling capability across channels with no need to upgrade your legacy systems

Low demand on company IT resource: pre-built modules, easy to configure, managed SaaS service frees up your time

10 years customer journey experience and insight built-in

Speed to market – Professional Services takes away your bandwidth issues

High configurability allows you to address changes quickly and cost effectively

Access to innovation built from market insights providing you with ongoing competitive advantage

Peace of mind –reliable SLA’s and secure ISO 27001 accreditation

Platform agnostic solution that works across mobile, tablet, desktop and kiosk

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