Intelligent Guided Selling

What is intelligent guided selling?

Intelligent guided selling gently prompts and guides customers step-by-step through a logical sequence of decisions leading to an informed purchase. They uncover customer needs based on customer and field insight gathered from the likes of lifestyle assessments. Using this information, they intuitively make purchasing easier, highly personalised and drive higher conversion and satisfaction.

Done right, intelligent guided selling makes even complex purchases, simple. Because every journey has a personal feel to it, consumers are more likely to purchase from you, make repeat purchases and be receptive to up sell and cross sell. Increasingly, customers have access to a wealth of information and choice at their fingertips. Being competitive on product and price is now expected, and it is the power of ease that will replace these as the best way to gain competitive advantage. Customers will choose businesses that enable them to make an informed decision based on their own personal needs and preferences.

Intelligent guided selling – going one step further

Without technology, it’s nearly impossible to truly embrace guided selling at scale in your business. But with an intelligent guided selling platform at the heart of your sales processes, you can bring consistency and excellence to every single customer engagement.

Intelligent guided selling can be delivered on a cloud-based platform linked to other applications, such as CRM, and can surface price comparisons, customer reviews and loyalty discounts as appropriate in the customer journey. It can be used face-to-face, on the phone to an advisor, via self-service in store kiosk or online, or a combination of them all. Co-browsing capabilities between customers and call centre associates also speed up average handling time and friction within the sales process. Businesses are expected to be omnichannel ready, merging the digital and physical to allow a seamless purchase journey.

That’s where the RIPPL platform from Conversity comes in.

The RIPPL Intelligent Guided Selling Platform

RIPPL is Conversity’s intelligent guided selling platform. It cleverly combines data from key sources of information to create the very best guided sales journey for your customers. Enhancing and empowering sales associate knowledge and performance, RIPPL provides you with a way to improve your customer purchase journey, on any and all of the channels they engage with you.

RIPPL makes intelligent recommendations for your customers based on:

  • A customer’s historic data from CRM/Loyalty
  • A customers input during a lifestyle assessment
  • Business rules based on your product and stock information

Whether you start with a small pilot or roll RIPPL out across the entire business, we’ll help you select and configure the modules that deliver the best workflow for your business. We’ve also made integration with your existing systems seamless to make sure you are up and running quickly with minimal disruption and expense.

Leveraging intelligent tech enablers to unify customer benefits across all channels has never been so important, combining physical with digital and focusing the best customer advisors on selling rather than the tedium of transactions and tasks.

Let us help you implement your intelligent guided selling platform.

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