Innovation and Investing in Retail for 2022 -

Innovation and Investing in Retail for 2022

Our panel; Chris Green, Brad Christian, and Hanna Wilcox, hosted this session based on brand and retail customer conversations and shared key market drivers, digital transformation initiatives, and investment opportunity areas for 2022.

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    What you will learn:

    What kind of experience are consumers looking for?

    What are some retailers doing to deliver a better experience?

    How are retailers integrating the in-store and online experience?

    Hiring, training and retaining in store teams during the Great Resignation

    Top Investment Areas For 2022

    Personalize the experience

    Connecting offline with physical experiences will become a key competency of the future and allow for greater personalization

    Develop seamless integration

    Build an ecosystem that enables the delivery of connected journeys

    Invest in people

    Retain, upskill and digitally enable your employees to make them able to serve the customers whenever they want, wherever they want

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