Infographic: What does the contact centre industry look like in 2016?

The contact centre is (we believe) an often under-appreciated part of a businesses omni channel strategy. We run the risk of becoming so busy looking at the ‘sexier’ channels of social and mobile that we forget just how important contact centres are in the customer journey. Not only that, the contact centre industry is vast, employing 734,000 agents across the UK.

2016 is a pivotal year for the contact centre, so when we spotted this infographic over on, we thought it was worth a share. For instance, did you know that 43% of contact centres believe their current technology doesn’t meet needs, and that on average, 79% believe systems will fail to meet future needs.

By implementing Conversity’s guided sales platform in store, online and through contact centres, sales agents are able to confidently follow a consistent sales journey that adheres to best practice and provides tailored recommendations based entirely on customer preferences. IGS reduces instore handling time, guides customers through even the most complex purchases and empowers sales agents to provide outstanding customer experiences.

This great infographic, which was created by EvaluAgent, examines statistics around:

  • The industry at a glance.
  • The typical contact centre.
  • The rise of digital.
  • Contact centre technology.
  • Agent attrition.