IGS For Black Friday -

Make Christmas Gift Giving Easier This Black Friday

Christmas gift giving can be stressful. Shoppers put pressure on themselves to find the perfect present for loved ones. Take the stress out of gift-giving this Black Friday with Conversity Connect and Charm.

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    Conversity Connect

    Connect is a software-as-a-service offering that embeds dynamic question sets to engage website visitors to help understand who they are and what their motivations are for that particular visit.

    With a clear understanding of a consumer’s mindset, goals, objectives, budget, Connect then provides a recommendation tailored specifically to that individual.

    Build a more personal, human connection between brand and consumer

    Drive greater sales effectiveness through increased online conversion rates and upsell

    Educate consumers on how to consider purchasing your brand or category

    Secure much stronger strategic insight into how consumers think and buy

    Pricing Plans

    Conversity Charm

    Charm is a software-as-a-service solution that is embedded on sales advisors’ smart devices, either mobile phones or tablets, to ensure that everything that they need to consult a customer and ask for the sale is right at their fingertips.

    Sales Qualification

    Who is the customer, what are they looking for and what is the best option for them?


    What other purchases can be facilitated based on stated needs?

    Pricing Matrix

    What plans and devices are appropriate and what do they cost?

    Inventory (optional)

    What is the inventory level for those items today?

    Customer Data & Reporting

    Who bought what, how can we stay in touch and what can be learned from the results?

    Find Out More About Conversity Charm & Connect

    Conversity Charm & Connect are revolutionizing how brands sell their product. Connect is enabling brands to see triple figure increases in conversion rates and Charm is helping the world's largest retailer sell over 40% more in-store.