How McCabes Pharmacy replicated the in-store experience, online -

Webinar on-demand: How McCabes Pharmacy replicated the in-store experience, online

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    Challenges covered in the webinar:

    Delivering the same quality service during lockdown

    Once lockdown hit Ireland, McCabes Pharmacy received an unprecedented amount of traffic on their website and wanted to make sure their customers still received a premium in-store digital experience when it came to their shopping experience.

    Complex product range

    McCabes Pharmacy offers a large range of skincare products as part of their skincare e-commerce service, making it harder for customers to find the perfect product for them using improved customer experience in online shopping.

    Making the most of new traffic

    McCabes Pharmacy wanted to make the most of the traffic that they gained in 2020 by optimising their website and providing a clear concise customer journey with their skincare e-commerce platform and experience in online shopping.

    The results so far:

    157% increase in products added to basket

    Conversity's SaaS product has seen McCabes Pharmacy gain a 157% increase in products added to basket with more than 1 in 3 customers adding to basket thanks to an in-store digital experience.

    27% increase in average order value

    McCabes Pharmacy visitors that used the improved experience in online shopping designed by Conversity spend on average 27% more per order compared to visitors that do not.

    2x increase in average session duration

    Customers that interact with the Intelligent Guided Selling tools spend twice as much time on their website, looking at recommended products and learning more about the product range thanks to the improved experience in online shopping that they are met with.

    How important are curation and guided selling in an ecommerce digital strategy?

    In the spring of 2020, online shopping saw a huge 129% increase across the UK and Europe due to unprecedented lockdown rules and social distancing guidelines. To avoid waiting in queues or shopping close to other people, consumers opted to shop from the comfort of their own home via the web. This included shopping for groceries...

    Curation And Guided Selling In An Ecommerce Digital Strategy