Forget the Oscars – Conversity Crowns MVP Award Winners

(That’s ‘Most Valued Person’ award to you and me)

Tuesday saw the entire Conversity team get together for an annual ‘kick start’ event. Once full on snacks and strong instant coffee, the team made a caffeine-fuelled journey; looking back at the success and challenges from 2015 and more importantly looking forward toward exciting plans in the pipeline for 2016.

After numerous presentations, workshops, pop quizzes and a talk from our soon-to-be research partner (more info coming soon…) we got on to the most important part of the agenda (second only to lunch), the MVP awards.

Conversity MVP awards

Rumoured by many* to hold equal value to an Oscar or Golden Globe – the ‘Most Valued Person’ award is Conversity’s much desired annual popularity and work ethic accolade – and this time the battle ended in a dead heat between Conversity aficionado, Devesh Gundecha and relative newbie / whipper snapper, Srini Rao.

Conversity CEO, Dave Stark, commented on the awards:

“Every year at our annual kick off meeting we like to reward and recognise key members of the team with a ‘Most Valued Person’ accolade. It’s voted for entirely by staff, and testament to the collaborative and customer focused way we work here, the winners are always those who have shown particular attention to their team and clients. Barring the rush to find a second certificate frame, it was great to have a tie between one of our longest serving employees, Devesh and our more recent appointment, go-getter Srini. Both Srini and Devesh work tirelessly to deliver outstanding results for clients, and yet still manage to have time to mentor and listen to the rest of the team, so the awards were very much deserved.”

Whilst smiling for the camera on the day, there’s speculation that Srini and Devesh were both outraged at the draw and – something made evident by their combative play at the post team day ping-pong hall, ‘Bounce’.

The second scandal of the day came when chief referee, Dave Stark, announced the competitive team event as a draw. When in fact the clear winners were ‘Team Gladiators’. An appeal is being filed.

* Source unknown