Father's Day Gift Finder -

Father's Day Gift Finder

Make gift-giving easy this Father's Day with Conversity’s SaaS solutions. Take your gifting e-commerce offer to the next level with Conversity Connect or boost in-store sales with Conversity Concierge or Charm. However your customers want to shop this Father's Day, Conversity can make gift giving easy.

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    Rebuild the Connection

    All of our SaaS products encourage dynamic customer interaction and help customers build a connection to the products they buy and the retailers they buy from

    Create Purchase Confidence

    Not only will customer's receive the most accurate gift recommendations in real-time but they will be educated as to why that product is perfect, helping improve conversion rates and turn browsers into customers

    Make your Brand the Go To Place

    When shoppers get the perfect present for a loved one they want to replicate that. Guiding customers to the perfect gift will make them want to buy again the next time they need a present, reducing customer acquisition costs

    Conversity's Products

    Conversity offers omnichannel solutions to help your customers find the best possible Father's Day gifts in-store and online.

    Conversity Connect

    Connect is a software-as-a-service offering that embeds dynamic question sets to engage website visitors and engage their needs, budget and mindset. With a clear understanding of these factors, Connect provides the most accurate product recommendations, personalized to that user in real-time to ensure relevancy.

    Conversity Concierge

    Concierge is a Software-as-a-Service omnichannel solution that is embedded on an in-store device for customers to interact with. It guides shoppers through a dynamic question set to better understand their needs, budget and mindset to provide the best product recommendations. If a recommendation isn't available in-store, Concierge directs the customer to the online store to complete the purchase.

    Conversity Charm

    Charm is a Software-as-a-Service solution that is embedded on sales advisors’ smart devices, either mobile phones or tablets, to ensure that everything that they need to consult a customer and ask for the sale is right at their fingertips. Charm provides a sales script and qualification steps as well as product, pricing and promotional data to support and ensure in-store success.

    Read our Lego Gift Finder Case Study

    Our Lego gift finder is deployed across North America and Europe and is helping Lego shoppers find the perfect gift for beginners and master builders alike. Our work with Lego in Canada won "Best Use of Personalization" at the Ecommerce Awards in 2020 and has resulted in an 89% increase in "Buy Now" clicks