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E-Commerce Global 2021 Consumer Study

We surveyed 2000+ multi-generational US, Canadian, and UK consumers to answer some of the most relevant questions in e-commerce for 2021. Receive this free report and make the difference for your e-commerce strategy today.

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    What will you learn?

    Which digital technologies help purchase confidence?

    How does social media influence across age groups?

    Which personalization techniques drive conversion?

    Top 10 Brands for customer experience by Country

    In which categories and how much will consumers be spending?

    Where do consumers go for online inspiration?

    What results have our clients achieved?

    5x Increase in Average Basket Size

    Like the best sales assistant in-store, IGS is able to sell the value of more expensive products and complementary products effectively, enabling up and cross sell.

    54% Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost

    IGS makes not only makes converting visitors easier but makes it cheaper to acquire them by providing invaluable customer data that improves the efficiency of other systems and tools

    2x Increase in Average Session Duration

    Customers are kept engaged by IGS. It takes them through a personalized customer journey, explains more technical product benefits but is also able to put across a value proposition

    How important are curation and guided selling in an ecommerce digital strategy?

    In the spring of 2020, online shopping saw a huge 129% increase across the UK and Europe due to unprecedented lockdown rules and social distancing guidelines. To avoid waiting in queues or shopping close to other people, consumers opted to shop from the comfort of their own home via the web. This included shopping for groceries...

    Curation And Guided Selling In An Ecommerce Digital Strategy