Digital Leadership: Maximising Opportunities for Retailers. Helping Green-thumbed Millennials Dig Out Best Product Recommendations During Covid-19 Isolation

Covid-19, and its implications for staying indoors and self isolation, is impacting almost all businesses, as well as providing huge opportunities for retailers to adapt and remodel their online offering. Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, the passion for gardening in all its guises was increasing at pace, with research suggesting UK households collectively spent around £7.5billion on garden goods and £2.4billion on the services of gardeners and landscapers in 2017 (HTA, 2018). The latest figures show it is 22-36 year-olds who are the fastest growing segment in the gardening market, providing an untapped opportunity for retailers to develop happy, loyal shoppers. In the midst of the #StayHome movement, millennials will have additional time and potentially resources which can be directed towards hobbies and provide relief from an undetermined term of isolation. To maximise on opportunities for those wishing to direct attention to their gardens, retailers need to ensure they are providing personalised journeys that identify mindset and preferences, be that toward tending to house plants, creating small oases in their own outdoor space or providing ‘grow your own’ guidance.

Great Oaks from Small Acorns Grow

Whether your customers are knowledgeable plantsmen, spare-time gardeners or complete novices, it’s a fact that one in five Millennials now admit to enjoying horticulture as a hobby and figures show they are 88% more likely to keep plants in their rooms than over 65 year olds. As the younger generation continue to expand their knowledge of botany, it’s up to retailers to ensure they are providing the guidance, advice and personalised recommendations required by passionate, novice gardeners. New research by Forbes shows that 60% of 22-36 years olds are loyal to retailers that provide a customer centric experience, and 70% go out of their way to shop from a brand they feel loyal to’. This, combined with a study in 2018 suggesting gardening is a hobby that could help partisans live to 100, means there has never been a better time for retailers to place emphasis on getting online shopping journeys right for green-thumbed consumers – after all, they might be looking at a VERY long relationship – during the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.

Time to Bed in Intelligent Guided Selling 

Using intelligent guided selling (IGS), retailers are able to give advice and create highly personal recommendations based on a combination of real time relevance, preferences and core belief systems. The IGS process gently steers tech savvy Millennial customers through a crowded marketplace towards ‘best fit’ gardening products and services, lowering purchase anxiety, maximising conversion and minimising returns.

Conversity are leaders in intelligent guided selling, helping retailers to put in place omni consistent journeys focussing on customer needs ‘in the moment’. The results are unprecedented; improving shopping experience, sales and loyalty and providing a best in class digital experience.

A Conversity intelligent guided selling journey helps retailers to:

  • Provide a digital shopping experience that offers the same expert guidance as an in-store advisor
  • Introduce complimentary products personalised in real-time for every visitor based on their age, budget, needs and mindset
  • Utilise data driven product recommendations to educate your customers, driving conversion and developing brand loyalty
  • Create simple journeys for those who are less experienced with navigating online shopping

To discuss how we can help you implement guided selling, fast, during Covid-19, fill in our Covid-19 form, here. If you would like to discuss how to turn gardening devotees into valuable customers and capitalise on the fastest growing market in gardening then simply get in touch.