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Customer experience is becoming a strategic opportunity for businesses. If you can efficiently provide frictionless, personalised service, you can increase customer engagement, loyalty, retention, and thus lifetime value. But as consumers demand better, more personalised service, on any channel, achieving those goals and increasing your NPS gets tougher.

And as products and services becoming more complex, avoiding costly miss-selling becomes essential to improving customer experience.

The RIPPL™ platform from Conversity makes meeting — and exceeding — your customer experience goals far more achievable.

RIPPL customer benefits

Improve customer experience with a personalised service

33% increase in customer retention rates

NPS score enhanced by 10%

Service that sells more

RIPPL equips associates to give customer service that feels truly personal, at every stage of their purchase journey. It provides associates with training, prompts and tools to guide customers through your complex products correctly, every time, reducing miss-selling and increasing conversion.

It can also help customers self-serve, either in-store or online, freeing the customer service team to serve other customers without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

As a result, customers have a great experience with you, increasing NPS and customer loyalty.

An efficient omni-channel experience

We’ve designed RIPPL to make providing great customer experience, on any or all of your sales channels, more efficient. The standardised customer journeys RIPPL creates enable associates to move customers through support queries faster, while still giving a personal service

As a result, you can reduce average call handling time, while innovative screen sharing tools allow associates to handle multiple online queries concurrently, further increasing your efficiency and productivity. Because the service feels personal and tailored to the consumer, RIPPL can also help improve your NPS by increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

See how RIPPL enhances the omni-channel customer journey.

Commercial Benefits RIPPL Guided selling can bring

Guide customers through complex purchases & validate their needs

Speed up customer decision making

Omni-channel ready – allowing your most valuable customers to move seamlessly between channels– Retail, Online, Call-centre

Needs based personalised product recommendations

Reduced costly and damaging miss-selling

Consistent sales and service model to boost NPS, KPI improvement, ROI and brand experience

Provides data for customer profiling

Improve employee engagement with customers

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