Customer Engagement at a crowded party – Digital Strategies to Help Brands Connect with Today’s Consumer in the Multi Brand Retail Environment

Connecting with your customer and keeping clear brand identity when selling your products on a third party website or in a multi brand retail environment is tricky. It’s a problem every brand in the world is facing. Wrestling between generic volume drivers and promotions that can also dial up and compliment your brand values is a hard balance to strike.

Multi brand retailers are also under intense pressure themselves – often having to focus on price over the expense of individual brand USPs. Brands themselves are often left with little negotiating power when it comes to how they are positioned in store and online on third party sites.

Brand Protection, Consistency and Connection

“As companies look for growth in a world where consumer demands and expectations continue to rise, strengthening the core strength of the brand will become an ever-more-important strategic pillar.” – McKinsey

Imagine being able to control your consumer experience and deploy your personal CX recommendation platform, kitted out with your brand, insight and offer – easily plugged in on your brand or product page as a widget and proven to increase conversion and brand engagement time.

Imagine even when your products aren’t being viewed directly through your owned digital channels you were able to protect your brand values and messages, whilst adding value and therefore brand loyalty.

Imagine standing out in an environment that for so long has presented search results with very little emphasis on your brand’s core belief systems.

Imagine guiding the customer to make a purchase decision with your brand in your tone of voice.

Educating the customer is probably a brand’s best opportunity to drive loyalty and product purchase – setting your brand apart from others by focusing on your high quality USPs in a competitive environment empowers the customer and builds their trust. For example, highlighting important brand attributes such as high quality materials, sourced sustainability that can make the difference in customers shortlisting and their decision to buy.

Educating customers on unique product attributes as well as matching these to specific needs were a key consideration for a leading vitamins and supplements brand. Daithi O’Connor, Founder and Managing Director of Revive Active, explains;

Choosing the right supplement can be complex and it’s really important we speak in the right voice, to the right customer at the right time. Our ethos is dedicated to understanding our client’s nutritional needs and providing them with the best possible advice in choosing a supplement perfectly suited to their demographic, goals and lifestyle. Our intelligent guided sales solution from Conversity allows us to interact naturally with our customers and reassure them on their purchasing journey that we appreciate how individual their requirements are.

More and more brands are turning to the help of the latest digital technologies to do exactly that – using Intelligent Guided Selling (IGS) platforms to create their own brilliantly devised – direct to consumer – personalised advice and recommendations that can be dropped into a retailers physical and ecommerce space. Maximising sell potential and, of course, protecting their brand and maintaining brand consistency.

With this technology, brands also gain previously hidden insights on a customers shopping behaviour on third party retail sites. Through IGS, Channel Managers can access a dashboard of valuable real time insights on customer segmentation, needs, in addition to key metrics such as conversion, ATV, Engagement and NPS.

So how does IGS help brands stand out and remain consistent in the multi brand retail environment?

Imagine you are a well-known brand with a sell strategy that combines traditional sales and distribution channels with direct-to-consumer channels such as self-branded stores and eCommerce websites.

Retail sales are, of course, hugely important to you. But unlike your direct-to-consumer channels you are physically and digitally up against hundreds of other competitor brands lined up against yours. There has previously been very little opportunity to stand out, and retailers aren’t concerned with pushing your brand over another. IGS allows you to create your own interactive platform that aids brand values and can be replicated in store or on a retailers website.

Add the same messages, imagery and intuitive tech to your direct to consumer websites, pop ups or stores and you’ve officially hit the ‘omni consistency consumer nail’ directly on the head.

Time and time again, brand emerges as an important element in customer decision-making, so making sure you reinforce yours at every touch point is essential to future success.

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