Promote loyalty and create super fans

The number one, consummate challenge for consumer brands like yours is to create a culture of advocacy across every channel, establishing a following of truly loyal, super fans that will work as brand advocates for you now and in future.

As a consumer brand, establishing quality and clarity around your messaging is critical.

Clarity and consistency – your brand’s biggest problem

Whilst brands are unquestionably concerned with acquisition and conversion, the majority of their marketing effort should be focused on relentlessly ensuring they are being represented across all channels in a clear and consistent manner, encouraging customer retention and loyalty.

Depending on their journey, customers might interact via store associates, contact centres, field staff, online, using mobile or tablets or via self-serve kiosks. Streamlining information so you are sure every customer is getting the knowledge, guidance and information about your brand is imperative to success.

RIPPL™, the intelligent guided selling platform from Conversity, provides a solution for brands like yours to take control of your brand experience across the single channel or omnichannel, proactively improving loyalty and creating brand aficionados.

Standardise an exceptional brand experience

RIPPL improves your consumer brand image by enabling you to rationalise and standardise your brand information and messaging – on any or all of your sales channels.

In stores, you can equip field staff or retailer associates with tablets configured using RIPPL, or set up branded self-service kiosks that engage customers and gently guide them to the product best aligned to their personal needs – all the while reinforcing brand and sales best practice.

Online, RIPPL allows you to use your business rules to create a streamlined customer journey for your ecommerce store – leading customers through a considered process that configures and personalises questions and results based on their individual needs and subsequently increasing conversion.

Contact centre staff can also have access to RIPPL, augmenting confidence that your brand messaging and information is systematically providing customers with the best results, every time. RIPPL’s clever co-browsing capabilities and a focus on best practice selling compliance help minimise friction through your call centres.

RIPPL training modules mean that your own associates or agency or field teams are able to deliver your brand experience precisely as you designed it whilst improving performance by capturing and comparing data about associate actions and their sales/retentions rates. By improving employees’ understanding and relationship with your brand, you can develop your desired loyalty and advocacy with consumers, regardless of channel.

A solution that’s business-ready

Daunted by the prospect of implementing a guided selling platform for your brand? Conversity’s RIPPL platform is your all-encompassing solution with 10 years of guided selling experience built in.

RIPPL’s integration ability means communicating between all your current business solutions including payments, CRM, warehousing and POS is a piece of cake – no need to replace any existing legacy solutions. And we’re ISO-27001 accredited, giving you peace of mind that we have robust processes to assess and prevent any risks to your data security.

No need to worry about configurability, RIPPL has been created to effortlessly adapt to customer journeys by tailoring specific questions, recognising pre existing preferences and directing to the next, most appropriate step.

Already being used by leading UK retail and Telco companies and with a proven track record of improving sales conversion rates, average transaction values, customer experience and colleague engagement and knowledge – Conversity makes guided selling for brands, easy.

So what’s stopping you from discovering the RIPPL effect for yourself?

See how RIPPL helps

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