How Using Conversity Can Help with Employee Retention

Finding and retaining skilled retail staff members can be incredibly challenging nowadays, particularly when you consider the statistic that between May 2022 and May 2023 the number of people employed in retail in the UK declined by 48%. This highlights that it is now harder than ever to engage and retain employees to become experts […]

4 E-commerce Personalization Hacks

Conversity recently conducted a webinar with two heavy hitters from the e-commerce space. Joining us were Colin Lewis, Marketing Week Columnist, and Vinny O’Brien, founder of Vinny & Co. The purpose of the webinar was to explain how e-commerce is evolving and that specialists and executives responsible for online sales need to think differently about […]

Personalisation needs to get personal!

Building connections with customers by tailoring their experience is not new. It’s always been at the heart of physical retail experiences and a top ambition for digital as the industry shifted online. CMO’s cite it a top priority – to engage customers, engender brand loyalty and drive commercial outcomes. Customers want it, need it and […]

Changes In E-Commerce Customer Behaviour: How Has The Future Of Shopping Changed?

Over the years, the use of e-commerce has begun to increase and with this has come to a gradual evolution in the customer purchasing behaviour. With e-commerce providing a fast-paced purchasing environment often influenced by wider trends, many consumers have increasingly begun to prefer the use of online shopping over that of traditional high-street stores. […]

Winning Brands are Personalising their Customer Data Platforms

Man looking at his girlfriend shopping online in cafe

In a hyper-competitive market, brands that understand their customers deeply are the proven winners. The question is – how do brands get to know their customers better? The first stage in understanding is through the unification of all customer data available throughout an organization’s many touchpoints. This fundamental need is one of the reasons for […]

The NRF Big Show. What Brands can Learn from 3,500 Retailers – Takeaways from a CX Insider

NRF Show

January brought extreme cold weather, snow, and leading retailer brands from across the globe and suppliers wanting to share their innovations to New York’s annual National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show and Expo event.

Our customer experience insider looked beyond the hype and technical jargon to highlight the trends and tech aiming to make a positive impact on customer experience. And we go further and share the challenges that are still to be addressed.