Trends in 2022: Zero Party Data & Digital Privacy

As more and more retailers and brands seek to capture consumer eyeballs online and drive traffic to their e-commerce platforms, the ability to know where customers are, what they are interested in, and where they spend their time is critical for e-commerce success.  But how much of that insight are consumers truly willing to provide […]

Take the Best of Online Experiences, In-Store

There has been a lot of discussion around how COVID-19 has influenced online shopping and consumer expectations when shopping digitally. It’s well known that customers now expect greater personalization due to retailers gaining more information on individuals and their buying preferences, greater flexibility on payment and return processes, as well as expecting retailers to offer […]

What online innovations matter most to consumers?

Much has been written about consumer behavior as a result of the pandemic. So we won’t rehash that here. That said, our affinity and/or dependence on e-commerce has never been stronger. It is a new battleground that will produce winners and losers; brands that grow share and brands that become much less relevant to their […]

Intelligent guided selling helps optimize online consumer decision journeys

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Buying online is at an all-time high, whether it’s because COVID-19 has encouraged people to shop from their homes, or it’s thanks to the ever-increasing platforms, options, and choices available for online shoppers at the touch of a finger. But with all this competition, how do you make sure consumers buy your product? You must […]

What are clients seeking when they want Intelligent Guided Selling Solutions?

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The growth of online retailing has led to a landscape filled with purchase situations where a customer needs a little bit more confidence before they are ready to buy. Product ranges are becoming more vast and technical; there are more products on offer, retailers, and ways to buy products and there are even more occasions […]

Winning Brands are Personalising their Customer Data Platforms

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In a hyper-competitive market, brands that understand their customers deeply are the proven winners. The question is – how do brands get to know their customers better? The first stage in understanding is through the unification of all customer data available throughout an organization’s many touchpoints. This fundamental need is one of the reasons for […]

What, exactly, is Intelligent Guided Selling?

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Things have changed. Consumer expectations around their purchasing habits are evolving rapidly. Many more purchase transactions are now taking place online. This transition from bricks and mortar to online is only going to accelerate as time goes on. “In the US, it is predicted that e-commerce sales will climb by 18% to reach $709.78 billion […]