In-Store and Online Personalization

It should come as no surprise that consumers have flocked to online commerce more so than ever before. According to a recent report by the Retail Industry Leaders Association in collaboration with McKinsey, e-commerce as a share of total retail sales is projected to reach 25 to 40 percent after the pandemic abates. This shift […]

Optimizing the Online Experience

Let’s face it. Retailers and brands have a problem. And that problem is the need to engage with customers in a meaningful way. Working with both types of businesses, Conversity has learned first-hand what they are trying to achieve – real time relevant personal service, both in-store and online. This is sometimes couched in “we […]

Changes In E-Commerce Customer Behaviour: How Has The Future Of Shopping Changed?

Over the years, the use of e-commerce has begun to increase and with this has come to a gradual evolution in the customer purchasing behaviour. With e-commerce providing a fast-paced purchasing environment often influenced by wider trends, many consumers have increasingly begun to prefer the use of online shopping over that of traditional high-street stores. […]

5 Ways To Update Your Ecommerce Strategy Roadmap

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The shift in online consumer shopping habits and behavior With every online business, there are key elements that are needed to breed success. For brands and their websites, one of those elements is an ecommerce strategy roadmap, which lays out a clear path for sales, growth and customer acquisition. However, because of the impact of […]

How 2020 has changed consumer mindsets for the foreseeable future

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Consumers are first and foremost humans. Impacted by the world in which they live, the people around them, their personal situation and their psychological and emotional state. The global pandemic has created a sudden and unexpected change in how we live, work and shop, driving huge changes in behaviours and habits. Some of these behaviours […]

Intelligent guided selling helps optimize online consumer decision journeys

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Buying online is at an all-time high, whether it’s because COVID-19 has encouraged people to shop from their homes, or it’s thanks to the ever-increasing platforms, options, and choices available for online shoppers at the touch of a finger. But with all this competition, how do you make sure consumers buy your product? You must […]

Replicating the In-Store Experience Online

Replicating the In-Store Experience Online

Things have changed. Never has there been a time in our lives when this was more true. Covid-19 has disrupted just about everything we do, from being locked down and restricted in our day to day activities to the basic way that we relate to each other. Because many communities have either had their retail […]

Process and Pitfalls of Launching Intelligent Guided Sales for Consumer Buying Journeys

Process and Pitfalls of Launching Intelligent Guided Sales for Consumer Buying Journeys

My colleague, Chief Customer Officer Brad Christian, has written about what Intelligent Guided Sales (IGS) actually is, however in my role as Customer Engagement Manager, I wanted to write about what we need to consider to ensure that we get the consumer buying journey just right.  Sometimes there are some difficulties in getting a customer […]