Can Consumer Psychology Increase Conversion?

Have you ever wondered what drives human behaviour and what could guide people towards a desirable choice? Are there certain elements involved, a psychological hack, or just something that happens by chance? Many psychological models look at factors that determine if an individual takes action or not. At Conversity, we have focused on the Fogg […]

How Important Are Curation And Guided Selling In An Ecommerce Digital Strategy?

Curation And Guided Selling In An Ecommerce Digital Strategy

In the spring of 2020, online shopping saw a huge 129% increase across the UK and Europe due to unprecedented lockdown rules and social distancing guidelines. To avoid waiting in queues or shopping close to other people, consumers opted to shop from the comfort of their own home via the web. This included shopping for […]

What are clients seeking when they want Intelligent Guided Selling Solutions?

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The growth of online retailing has led to a landscape filled with purchase situations where a customer needs a little bit more confidence before they are ready to buy. Product ranges are becoming more vast and technical; there are more products on offer, retailers, and ways to buy products and there are even more occasions […]

What, exactly, is Intelligent Guided Selling?

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Things have changed. Consumer expectations around their purchasing habits are evolving rapidly. Many more purchase transactions are now taking place online. This transition from bricks and mortar to online is only going to accelerate as time goes on. “In the US, it is predicted that e-commerce sales will climb by 18% to reach $709.78 billion […]