Why is now the time for your brand to invest in guided sales technology? 

The concept of guided sales is not, of course, a new one. It is what a sales associate practices in a brick-and-mortar store, in their interactions with a customer that are geared towards providing suggestions and guiding the consumer towards the product or service they may be most interested in buying (and which, crucially, will […]

Can Consumer Psychology Increase Conversion?

Have you ever wondered what drives human behaviour and what could guide people towards a desirable choice? Are there certain elements involved, a psychological hack, or just something that happens by chance? Many psychological models look at factors that determine if an individual takes action or not. At Conversity, we have focused on the Fogg […]

Optimizing the Online Experience

Let’s face it. Retailers and brands have a problem. And that problem is the need to engage with customers in a meaningful way. Working with both types of businesses, Conversity has learned first-hand what they are trying to achieve – real time relevant personal service, both in-store and online. This is sometimes couched in “we […]

How Important Are Curation And Guided Selling In An Ecommerce Digital Strategy?

Curation And Guided Selling In An Ecommerce Digital Strategy

In the spring of 2020, online shopping saw a huge 129% increase across the UK and Europe due to unprecedented lockdown rules and social distancing guidelines. To avoid waiting in queues or shopping close to other people, consumers opted to shop from the comfort of their own home via the web. This included shopping for […]

5 Ways To Update Your Ecommerce Strategy Roadmap

Two women looking at laptop and phone

The shift in online consumer shopping habits and behavior With every online business, there are key elements that are needed to breed success. For brands and their websites, one of those elements is an ecommerce strategy roadmap, which lays out a clear path for sales, growth and customer acquisition. However, because of the impact of […]

How 2020 has changed consumer mindsets for the foreseeable future

Girl using her credit card for online shopping.

Consumers are first and foremost humans. Impacted by the world in which they live, the people around them, their personal situation and their psychological and emotional state. The global pandemic has created a sudden and unexpected change in how we live, work and shop, driving huge changes in behaviours and habits. Some of these behaviours […]