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Fickle Fans. The rise of the 5-star differentiator and exceptional personalisation.

Trend #four of our collaborative Conversity and Sarah Cameron retail and telco whitepaper looks at the rise of the 5-star differentiator and exceptional personalisation. We covet brands and businesses getting it right, and highlight where your time and effort should be focused if you’re going to stay ahead of the competition in 2018. If you haven’t read it, you should. And fast.

The Big Easy – The psychology of shopping & why ease is the new competitive advantage The future of retail, telco and brands 2018

In the 3rd trend from our whitepaper, ‘Retail & Telco – the Big Five’, we talk the power of ease. And, it’s probably one of our favourites from the five trends we identified with the retail consultant, Sarah Cameron. Why? Because now, it’s neither price nor product that will get you ahead, it’s how simple you can make your service for customers to use.

Happy Natives. Rewriting the rulebook for the Millennial generation. The future of retail, telco and brands 2018

We are delighted that already, hundreds of people have downloaded Conversity’s free white paper on the future of retail, brands and telco. All along, we wanted professionals working in retail, telco, and brands (or simply those with an interest in how technology is shaping the shopping [...]

Let’s get physical. Oh, and digital. The future of retail, telco and brands 2018

After becoming thoroughly tired of reading article after article of rehashed content and predictions, Conversity recently published a white paper on the future of retail, brands and telco. A collaboration with the retail consultant, Sarah Cameron, the paper is a concise guide for retail & telco professionals – identifying the five big ideas, trends and predictions in 2018. In this first blog, we look at trend one, where the physical and digital merge for the increasingly intolerant customer.

White Paper: How can Telecoms Plug the Sales Order Leakage Gap?

Sales order leakage is a common complaint within the telecommunications industry. Conversity works closely with numerous international telecoms companies and has created a white paper that seeks to highlight the major pain points in a typical telecommunications consumer environment, combining an analysis of insights and trends [...]

Operating at the Speed of Technology, Your Competitors & Your Customers

It is fair to say almost every industry has either already gone through or will go through a period of accelerated digital transformation in order to find their place in the new world but what triggers the need to embrace digital in your business? We believe [...]

From the Pavement to the Purchase; How Retail Technology is Defining the Shopping Experience of the Future

The retail world is changing every day. The rise of customer facing technology and digital developments in-store has transformed the aisles and checkouts of our favourite stores whilst the ‘browse and buy’ culture of the internet continues to disrupt purchase patterns. The retail environment is in [...]

Infographic: What does the contact centre industry look like in 2016?

The contact centre is (we believe) an often under-appreciated part of a businesses omni channel strategy. We run the risk of becoming so busy looking at the 'sexier' channels of social and mobile that we forget just how important contact centres are in the customer journey. [...]

Omnichannel Futures, Not Just a Flash in the Proverbial Business Pan

HOW RETAILERS ARE USING OMNICHANNEL THINKING TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. Omnichannel is a becoming a real retail obsession. It’s on the mouths of managers, the headlines of industry media and being demanded by customers (even if they don’t realise it’s omnichannel they are demanding). Don’t be [...]

Love on the Line. How Telco Should Focus on Relationships to Change the Game

The Telco industry has been connecting people from day one. But the advent of technology, the shift in consumer behaviour and the ever-changing rules of engagement are all causing challenges never seen before in Telco. At Conversity, we’re big believers that the solutions to these challenges [...]