New Retail Technology Solution: Conversity Concierge

How can Retail Technology solve the Labor Problem? It was reported in late 2021 that over 683,000 US retail workers quit their jobs in October. That was roughly 4.4% of the labor force at the time. And that result followed the month of September where a further 685,000 staff members walked out of stores. Some […]

Can Consumer Psychology Increase Conversion?

Have you ever wondered what drives human behaviour and what could guide people towards a desirable choice? Are there certain elements involved, a psychological hack, or just something that happens by chance? Many psychological models look at factors that determine if an individual takes action or not. At Conversity, we have focused on the Fogg […]

In-Store and Online Personalization

It should come as no surprise that consumers have flocked to online commerce more so than ever before. According to a recent report by the Retail Industry Leaders Association in collaboration with McKinsey, e-commerce as a share of total retail sales is projected to reach 25 to 40 percent after the pandemic abates. This shift […]

Trends in 2022: Zero Party Data & Digital Privacy

As more and more retailers and brands seek to capture consumer eyeballs online and drive traffic to their e-commerce platforms, the ability to know where customers are, what they are interested in, and where they spend their time is critical for e-commerce success.  But how much of that insight are consumers truly willing to provide […]

3 Benefits of Personalised Recommendations

Janis Thomas, Ecommerce & Marketing Director at our client Look Fabulous Forever, joined us on our latest webinar where we discussed many topics relating to retail, including why personalised recommendations are crucial for creating effective online selling experiences. Below are three ways that Look Fabulous Forever utilised the Colour Quiz, a guided selling tool providing […]

Optimizing the Online Experience

Let’s face it. Retailers and brands have a problem. And that problem is the need to engage with customers in a meaningful way. Working with both types of businesses, Conversity has learned first-hand what they are trying to achieve – real time relevant personal service, both in-store and online. This is sometimes couched in “we […]

Take the Best of Online Experiences, In-Store

There has been a lot of discussion around how COVID-19 has influenced online shopping and consumer expectations when shopping digitally. It’s well known that customers now expect greater personalization due to retailers gaining more information on individuals and their buying preferences, greater flexibility on payment and return processes, as well as expecting retailers to offer […]

4 E-commerce Personalization Hacks

Conversity recently conducted a webinar with two heavy hitters from the e-commerce space. Joining us were Colin Lewis, Marketing Week Columnist, and Vinny O’Brien, founder of Vinny & Co. The purpose of the webinar was to explain how e-commerce is evolving and that specialists and executives responsible for online sales need to think differently about […]